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How to maintain the headset? Teach you how to care for headphones!

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Students who have higher requirements for sound quality will be more willing to buy expensive headphones, and they cannot tolerate the bias and distortion of the headphones. Sometimes they buy a headset with a few thousand dollars for a long time but find that there is no original. Sound quality, don’t complain that the quality of the headphones may not be good at this time. It is also very likely that you have not maintained and took good care of your headphones. Then the headphone enthusiasts below will take a look at the headphone maintenance knowledge and how to maintain the headphones. Right!

1. Common maintenance knowledge of earphones
1. Storage of earphones
You should store the headset in a clean, dry area, and if possible, box or bag it. Similarly, the area where the earphones are stored also needs to maintain the temperature of the matter and should not be too high or too low. If the headset can be folded, you should follow the official guidelines to reduce wear and tear when not in use.

2. The use of headphones

It is very important to protect the headset when using it. Even some basic protection measures can have an impact on the life of the headset, such as avoiding use in high or low temperatures, and do not pull the headset cable directly to unplug it. Remember, headphones are not as durable as you think.
If your headphones are valuable, you should take extra care to protect them. Headphones should avoid contact with liquids or high humidity environments, as this will affect the sensitive electronic components in the headphones. It is also worth noting that you should try to choose the earplugs that are most suitable for the size of the ear canal to avoid squeezing and pushing and pulling to the greatest extent.

3. Cleaning of the earphones

A. To clean the earphones, a soft cloth, a little warm water, or a little more soap is completely sufficient. But be careful with the amount of water and soap, and you should try to avoid letting water or soapy liquid seep into the earphones.
B. If it is to clean grooves that cannot be touched by a soft cloth, a dry toothbrush can be of great help. For those areas with particularly stubborn stains, you can use cotton swabs or toothpicks to clean them.
C. As for the headphone cable, just wipe it regularly, after all, the cleaning of this part is much simpler. However, you still need to pay special attention to the headphone plug to prevent poor contact in the future.
D. Due to the special way of wearing earphones, direct contact with the ear canal will inevitably produce bacteria. If earwax or other contaminants are not cleaned up in time, it is likely to be harmful to health.

E. For the cleaning of headphones, different cleaning methods should be adopted depending on the material of the earmuffs and headband. If the material is artificial leather, it is advisable to use a soft cloth dipped in clean water to wipe off the sweat; if the cloth or velvet earmuffs are dirty, you can carefully remove the earmuffs according to the instructions and dilute a small amount of detergent with water. Soak the earmuffs for a while and rinse them off with clean water.

How to maintain the headset? Teach you how to care for headphones!

Second, how to maintain the headset
1. If the volume is too high, the voice coil of the headset should be burned out, so the volume of the headset should be turned down before use, and then the volume should be adjusted appropriately.
2. Headphones should not be worn while sleeping, because wearing headphones while sleeping is easy to crush them.
3. Not only for headphones, but for all headphones, the headphone cable is a very easy to damage component, and hard bends should be reduced as much as possible ( name and criticize the fishbone winder). Therefore, build a headphone holder, or directly put the headphones Hanging on a desk lamp or the like, allowing the earphone cord to sag naturally is a good way to prevent damage to the earphone.
4. The oil secreted by the human body will accelerate the aging of the leather. Please wipe off the sweat on the leather after using the earphone to prevent aging. When wearing some earphones, try not to let the wires come into direct contact with the skin. First, it will be more comfortable, and secondly, it can also avoid the influence of sweat on the wires.
5. The paint on the earphone shell is easy to dissolve in organic chemicals, so the earphones need to be kept away from chemicals.
6. It is best to burn the earphones when you buy new earphones. Usually, the music is not too loud to avoid damage to the earphone diaphragm.
7. It is cold in winter and the wire is hard and brittle. Excessive bending can easily break the wire. But don't heat the headphone cable at this time. High temperature will accelerate the aging of the cable.
8. The most easily broken earphone is not the wire, but the plug   the plug   the plug. Don't mess around when plugging and unplugging.
9. Strong magnetism will weaken the internal components of the earphone, and the sensitivity will decrease over time, which reduces the sound quality of the earphone. Strong magnetism will destroy and distort the magnetic field of the headset. So headsets should be kept away from strong magnets.
10. The earphones should be kept away from moisture. If the earphones are in a damp state, the pads in the earphone unit will be rusted, and the resistance will increase, and your earphones will be biased.
Better protection of headphones is not a difficult task, and it will not take up too much of your time, but the long-term effects it can bring are obvious. Therefore, after reading this article, we might as well pay more attention to the protection of headphones in future use. Also, the earphones should be properly rested after using them for a long time. One is for the good of your ears and not to be too tired; the other is that the earphones are easy to burn out after running for a long time.
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