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Detailed definition, classification and common sense of multimedia speakers

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This time the author takes everyone to understand the detailed definition, classification and other basic knowledge of multimedia speakers. Multimedia speakers, also known as "computer speakers". Compared with the speakers of ordinary audio equipment, multimedia speakers are divided into two categories: bookshelf type and X.1 type according to their basic structure.
The main features of multimedia speakers are as follows:
1. Multimedia speakers are antimagnetic speakers
Because multimedia speakers need to be placed next to the computer monitor, they have special antimagnetic requirements. The speakers must use antimagnetic speakers (the so-called magnetic enclosed speakers or "permanent magnet" speakers), and the power amplifier circuit cannot use electromagnetic waves to leak out. Larger design.
Why is it an anti-magnetic speaker? Why do you need an anti-magnetic speaker? Because multimedia needs to be placed next to the computer monitor, it has special anti-magnetic requirements. The speaker must use an anti-magnetic speaker (the so-called magnetic enclosed speaker or "permanent magnet" speaker) Of course, the power amplifier circuit can not use a design with a large electromagnetic wave leakage. These are all things we should pay attention to.

2. Multimedia speakers are active speakers
The so-called active speakers, in simple terms, seem to be understood as speakers that require power input. But in fact, the strict definition of active speakers refers to speakers that contain power amplifier circuits in the audio system. Some special speakers do not have a power amplifier circuit, but still need power input, such speakers can not be called active speakers.

3. Multimedia speakers are "semi-free near-field" speakers
Compared with the above two concepts, this concept may be more complicated. It means that the distance to the listener is very close during playback, generally less than one meter. And semi-free, it means that it has more relaxed requirements on the position and posture of the listener. For speakers such as HI-FI, you may have heard of the term "emperor position". The audience can only hear the best sound when they are in this position. But for multimedia speakers, it is obvious that users cannot be required to sit still in the "emperor's seat" like enjoying HI-FI.
For "semi-free near sound field" speakers, it is necessary to make a special design for its acoustic structure, which is completely different from ordinary HI-FI or home theater speakers, so multimedia speakers are by no means a reduction of HI-FI speakers (while domestic Many manufacturers have made serious mistakes on this issue).

4. Multimedia speakers should be speakers with sound correction function

An ideal good speaker should minimize the "sound stain" of the sound, that is, the impact of its own characteristics on the source sound, but multimedia speakers cannot be so required, because the sound source of the multimedia speaker, that is, the sound card or CDROM drive, does not have high sound quality , In this way, the multimedia speakers must have a certain sound correction effect to ensure that the final sound effect that the user hears is the best. A typical example here is the innovative speaker design. Over the years, many users have felt that the effect of innovative speakers when paired with innovative sound cards is significantly better than that of other brands of sound cards or speakers combined with innovative products. The main reason is that the innovative sound card is designed to deal with the defects of the innovative sound card's poor treble and extreme bass, and the strong digital sense, which makes up for the source sound defects of the innovative sound card.

Detailed definition, classification and common sense of multimedia speakers

5. Multimedia speakers should have loose placement requirements
Anyone with a little knowledge of speakers should know that the placement design of speakers has a huge impact on sound quality. But for multimedia speaker design, this must be relaxed. Because it is impossible for a computer desk to provide a good placement environment, let alone a large placement space, the stability of a computer desk is never comparable to that of a dedicated speaker stand. Therefore, in the design of multimedia speakers, it must be designed into a structure that requires very loose positioning (this is also one of the current blind spots in the design of domestic manufacturers).

6. Multimedia speakers are low-power systems
Due to the limitation of the power supply equipment of the computer system, the multimedia speaker itself is a near sound field system, so the multimedia speaker is a low-power system, generally only a few tens of watts, such as HI-FI or home theater, the situation is hundreds of watts at any time. If it does not exist, it requires the design of its power amplifier circuit to have a good sound quality performance at the smallest possible power, which is also different from home audio.

7. Due to its special market positioning, the appearance design of multimedia speakers should be as beautiful as possible, and the cost should not be too high.
Plastic is very rare in professional speaker design, but it is very common in multimedia speakers. Similarly, 1,000 yuan is just getting started with HI-FI speakers, and it is already top-notch for multimedia speakers. Material and cost constraints make manufacturers have to choose a good balance when designing products, instead of doing whatever they want like HI-FI or home theater design.
The above seven requirements should be said to be an essential feature of multimedia speakers. However, the current domestic market reality is that in addition to a few points that have been widely followed, other points are not recognized by most manufacturers.

Passive multimedia speakers and antimagnetic speakers
Now, active speakers are almost synonymous with multimedia speakers (in fact, this is not correct. Some other speakers, such as one-person auditorium speakers, are also active speakers, but you can't always say that they are multimedia speakers, right?), But in fact, passive multimedia speakers still exist. In the early multimedia era, low-cost passive multimedia speakers were once popular because of the power amplifier chip on the sound card. However, due to the low sound and poor sound quality of the early passive multimedia speakers, and mainly because the power amplifier chip is no longer used on the current sound card, the multimedia speakers have withdrawn from the mainstream. However, in some high-end areas, because the passive design of the external power amplifier can have better sound quality performance, it still exists in a small area. For example, "Chao Lu" speakers. However, it should be pointed out here that although some products of a few manufacturers such as innovation use the design of independent power amplifier boxes, the structure of their speakers determines that they cannot be used separately from the entire system, so such systems are still active multimedia speakers.
Whether it is active multimedia or passive multimedia, the speakers used, the so-called "speakers", are all anti-magnetic. The old name of this kind of loudspeaker is also called "permanent magnet" loudspeaker, which is different from the non-magnetic "constant magnet" loudspeaker. It uses an alloy that can isolate the lines of magnetic force to make a shell, completely wraps the magnet on the speaker, and meets the antimagnetic requirements of multimedia speakers. However, the sound quality of an antimagnetic speaker is slightly worse than that of a speaker of the same design but not antimagnetic. This is the price that has to be paid.
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