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What do you know about audio?

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Refers to sounds other than human language and music, including the sounds of the natural environment, the sounds of animals, the sounds of machines and tools, and the sounds of human actions. The audio probably includes a set of power amplifier, peripheral equipment (including compressor, effector, equalizer, VCD, DVD, etc.), speaker (speaker, speaker) mixer, microphone, display device, etc. Among them, speakers are sound output devices, speakers, subwoofers, and so on. A speaker includes three loudspeakers, high, low, and medium, three but not necessarily three.
The development history of technology can be divided into four stages: electron tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, and field effect transistors.

Principle of ordinary (speaker) sound production
Dielectric resonance hybrid sound, sound principle, uses vibrator vibration sound + paper tympanic horn sound, we who often use speakers know that in addition to professional audio, ordinary ordinary audio bass is not enough, and the bass is good. The size of the dots is generally not small. This is mainly because the speakers that use speakers to produce sound are greatly affected by the size of the sound unit. Therefore, many multimedia speakers directly use subwoofers and external speakers to fully expand the volume range of their sound units. There is a big limitation on the shape of the audio speakers, which is why the speakers we see on the market are generally square and angular, and the bass effect is not very good.

Audio equipment roughly includes power amplifiers, peripheral equipment (including compressors, effects, equalizers, exciters, etc.), speakers (speakers, speakers), mixers, sound sources (such as microphones, musical instruments, VCD, DVD) display devices Wait for it to add up to one set. Among them, speakers are sound output devices, speakers, subwoofers, etc. A speaker includes three types of speakers, high, low, and medium, but not necessarily three.

Sound principle
Vibrator vibration sound (vibration sound) + paper tympanic horn sound.
The sound combining traditional (ordinary) sound and vibrating sound has both the vibration sound of the vibrating sound and the horn sound of the traditional sound.

The medium mixing sound mainly combines the vibration sound technology principle of the vibration sound and the sound principle of the ordinary sound paper tympanic horn. In fact, the medium resonance mixing sound is still well understood. The medium resonance is the sound produced by the vibrating medium, and the mixing It is a combination of traditional audio speakers. Generally speaking, it is a combination of traditional ordinary speakers and vibrating speakers. Not to mention the clear sound quality, the bass effect is even more significant. It should be sold in major cities across the country. I have never seen this. Audiophiles of music, you can go and experience it, you shouldn't be disappointed!

What do you know about audio?

Ordinary (speaker) sound generation principle

Principle of Vibration Sound
The vibrating sound that has only appeared in recent years uses the principle of sound produced by vibrating medium. Generally, the bass effect is good, and the small size is also strange. It is estimated that many music enthusiasts will exclaim, is this also sound? ! ! However, vibrating speakers also have their fatal flaws. The mid- to high-frequency range is insufficient or almost non-existent, and it leaves the medium (that is, the sound contact surface). Once the sound medium is left, the sound is almost gone. These are the issues we need to consider when buying vibrating speakers. Inseparable from the medium, there are restrictions on the playing venue.

Principle of Dielectric Resonance Hybrid Sound
Dielectric resonance hybrid sound is just a combination of the two. The use of vibrating sound's vibration medium to transmit sound just solves the problem of insufficient bass and excessive volume of ordinary speakers, and the combination of ordinary sound horns can solve the vibration well. There is no mid- to high-frequency sound, and it is inseparable from the defects of the vibrating medium. It can be said that the medium resonance hybrid sound is still very good. It has found a balance point between ordinary sound and vibrating sound. It has complementary advantages and has professional sound effects, not to mention it. Limitations such as "square" or "circle" are left to the designer to shape it in an unconstrained manner.

Scope of use
Dielectric resonance hybrid audio is also widely used. It can be used with mobile phones, MP3-5, notebooks, desktop computers, game consoles, mobile DVDs and other personal devices, home and personal amplification equipment. Especially equipped with lithium batteries, it can be used indoors or outdoors

HI-FI is the abbreviation of English High Fidelity, literally translated as "High Fidelity", and its definition is: a reproduced sound that is highly similar to the original sound.

Related equipment
So what kind of audio equipment's playback sound is HI-FI? So far it is still difficult to make definite conclusions. Professionals in the audio industry rely on various instruments and various means to detect various indicators to determine the level of HI-FI equipment, while audio enthusiasts often use their ears to determine whether the equipment meets the HI-FI in their minds. . To judge the high-fidelity of the reproduced sound, not only high-performance equipment and software, but also a good listening environment are required. Therefore, how to correctly measure the HI-FI degree of audio equipment, there is still a difference between objective testing and subjective evaluation.
Strictly speaking, as long as we see the image and hear the sound, we can call this scene AV. Literally speaking, AV means the combination of the first letter of the English word AUDIO (audio signal) and VIDEO (video signal). Write, HIFI means "high fidelity".
The difference between AV audio and HI-FI audio is not that every ordinary consumer can distinguish it. Here we want to briefly talk about the difference between AV audio and HI-FI audio. First of all, in terms of price, the price of AV audio and HI -There is a big gap between the price of FI speakers. This is an indisputable fact. The price of a set of mid-to-high-end AV speakers can only buy an entry-level HI-FI system, so the price is the same as that of AV speakers and HI-FI speakers. Important difference.
Secondly, in terms of the quantity and quality of speakers, the requirements of AV audio and HI-FI speakers are completely different. AV audio is generally composed of several speakers. These speakers include satellite surround boxes and subwoofer effect boxes. These speakers are compatible with HI-FI speakers. -Compared with FI speakers, it pays more attention to the power, frequency response, distortion effect requirements and other indicators of the speakers. In addition to these, AV speakers pay more attention to the synergy effect between multiple speakers, while HI-FI speakers are completely opposite to AV speakers. , HI-FI speakers are composed of two speakers, which have music restoration capabilities and sound effects, but do not have sound rendering capabilities, which can ensure the real playback of relatively high sounds.

Of course, as people have different requirements for sound effects, AV speakers and HI-FI speakers are developing in the same direction. AV speakers have begun to pay attention to the improvement of sound quality, and HI-FI speakers and HI-FI speakers are gradually strengthening the sound effect in the next few years. , We may see more AV&HI-FI speaker combinations.

China HI-FI
The introduction of the term HI-FI to Chinese audio systems should be in the early 1980s. At that time, audio systems were completely separated from radios and became a school of its own, and passed through a mono tape recorder, a mono radio recorder, and a two-channel stereo. The rapid evolution of tape recorders. However, strictly speaking, the first single-channel combined package audio is still not HI-FI audio, and domestic two-channel stereo combined audio should not be included in the true sense of HI-FI audio.
The real rise of China's HI-FI audio should be the transition from combined audio to personalized audio combination, that is, the sound source, power amplifier, and speakers appear as independent single pieces, and are personalized by audiophiles. At this time, many audio companies in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, China launched their own single HI-FI equipment. Although it is a very common thing today, it should belong to the most basic HI-FI entry-level product.
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