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Noise reduction headphones on the market, physical noise reduction and active noise reduction, how would you choose?

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With the cancellation of the 3.5mm headphone jack, there are more wireless earphones on the market. The various functions and usages are dazzling, so I don't know where to start when choosing! Now noise-cancelling headphones are also becoming popular. Among them, there are physical noise reduction and active noise reduction. I don't know how you will choose between the two?

First of all, we must first talk about the difference between physical noise reduction and active noise reduction. Regarding physical noise reduction, in fact, you can clearly understand its meaning from the literal meaning. Physical noise reduction refers to the use of certain physical means to achieve the noise reduction effect. For example, those earphones that are ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of the human ear can effectively isolate the sound displayed in the space from the human ear. It is also similar to how we usually cover our ears for the noise we hear.

Physical noise reduction has certain advantages in comfort, because it will design the volume of the headset to be lower than the volume of the normal headset, so as to get the greatest degree of comfort! But in places such as subways and airplanes, wireless earphones with physical noise reduction sometimes don't have much effect!

Active noise reduction and physical noise reduction are two completely opposite methods. Active noise reduction uses DSP technology to achieve noise reduction. The vivid introduction means that the active noise reduction headset has a unique acoustic processor inside. When it "hears" the external noise, it will collect the sound through the ultra-highly sensitive independent microphone, and then pass the collected sound through the unique The processor performs acoustic processing operations, and finally generates a "cancellation sound" with the same frequency as the noise to eliminate the noise. This is what we often call "destructive interference" in our acoustics, to achieve the mutual cancellation of the two, in order to achieve the effect of eliminating external noise!

Noise reduction headphones on the market, physical noise reduction and active noise reduction, how would you choose?

In fact, no matter which kind of sound is produced by the sound spectrum, as long as the sound spectrum of the same frequency as this sound spectrum is generated, it can cancel each other out.

Therefore, the active noise reduction function of most noise reduction headphones on the market basically adopts this design. In contrast, physical noise reduction has many tricks! In order to achieve better physical noise reduction technology, they put a lot of effort in the design, which of course also includes the material and size of the earplugs. This is why a pair of wireless headphones has three or four pairs of earplugs. This is for It is matched to meet the different ear types of different people!

Now that I have finished talking about the difference between active noise reduction and physical noise reduction, the following is the budget for buying headphones! Everyone has different needs and budgets for buying headphones. As we said above, active noise reduction is to collect sound through an acoustic collector, and then use the acoustic processor to perform acoustic calculations to generate a sound spectrum of the same frequency of noise to cancel out the noise. . This requires a lot of research and development and production costs, so many cheap noise reduction headphones do not have active noise reduction, and more are physical noise reduction!

Physical noise reduction cannot shield the noise that is too noisy, so for those who have high requirements for noise reduction, it is necessary to increase the budget of active noise reduction headphones to meet their needs! But the captain here wants to remind everyone that you must pay attention to safety when using noise-canceling headphones, especially on the road.

In summary, so what kind of wireless earphones you want to buy depends entirely on your personal needs and wallet, otherwise it is estimated that what kind of earphones you want to buy will not be too obvious!
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