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2021 AliExpress store registration data collection and fee details

2021-01-29 493
With the recovery of the foreign trade economy, China's foreign trade is expected to continue to stage "speed and passion" in 2021. Many businesses have turned their attention to the AliExpress platform in the global market. Today, I will focus on the first step to enter the platform.

Information needed for AliExpress to open a store:
1. License (both company license and individual license are both) Important: The business scope of the company is not related to the scope of AliExpress. Except for individuals who cannot enter, other types of licenses are acceptable.

2. Trademarks: At present, most categories of AliExpress do not require trademarks compulsorily, and the specific product release page shall prevail.

3. Margin: The category deposit for the normal entry of the platform is 10,000, and it does not need to be paid every year. The 10,000 deposit will be returned to the merchant after the subsequent withdrawal from the business category platform.

Key point: If the merchant has illegal business behaviors, the platform will penalize and deduct points at one time according to the circumstances, and the deposit will be deducted when a certain point is reached.

4. Platform commission: 8% for regular categories, meaning: selling a product platform commission 8%.

5. Categories: At present, AliExpress has stopped investment in some categories, such as: mobile phones, projectors, human hair, wigs, electronic components... Some business categories such as beauty and personal care (including skin care products), 3c digital, mobile phones, adult products and other categories require separate qualifications. (As shown below: additional qualification requirements for some categories)

2021 AliExpress store registration data collection and fee details

6. Logistics method: AliExpress domestic delivery is mainly based on platform logistics: postal system (postal surface parcel, postal registered parcel, E-mail treasure); worry-free (worry-free standard, worry-free simple); rookie super economy .... In order to facilitate the merchants, each area of the platform adopts the method of door-to-door pickup. The merchants only need to operate the one-click delivery in the background, without customs clearance. At the same time, overseas warehouses are also shipped in various regions, and merchants can freely choose according to the main market.

7. Freight payment method: directly bind the deduction Alipay account in the background, and the package is stored in the warehouse, and the platform is directly deducted in the background. You can also directly deduct the shipping cost from the transaction loan amount. In this case, you need to untie your Alipay account.

8. Receiving method: AliExpress relies on Ali, Alipay and bank cards can be used, not necessarily for public accounts, merchants can bind personal Alipay or personal bank cards according to the situation, there is no handling fee for Alipay cash withdrawal, bank card cash withdrawal The transaction fee is 15 US dollars per transaction, regardless of the amount.

9. AliExpress main market: mainly concentrated in Russia-related countries, Europe, the Middle East, the United States, Japan and South Korea, forming a complement to the Amazon platform.
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