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On the stage, which one is better, wireless microphone or wired microphone?

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The microphone is one of the most important equipment in the professional stage recording equipment. Since the advent of the wireless microphone, it has almost become the most technically representative product in the professional audio field. After years of technological evolution, the boundaries between wireless and wired are almost clear. Wireless microphones are widely used by professional singers for indoor performances because of their inherent advantages, and the prices of their high-end products are also jaw-dropping. However, wired microphones still dominate the recording market because of their sound quality advantages. With the increasing advancement of technology, the development of today's microphones pays more attention to the classification of applications and multi-purpose options in different places, and the definition of wireless and wired is becoming increasingly blurred.

On the stage, which one is better, wireless microphone or wired microphone?

Which is better, wireless microphone or wired microphone
With the development of wireless audio technology, from the end of the last century to the present, wireless microphones have become the most prominent and dazzling one in the microphone family. The high technical content, high price and excellent convenience of professional wireless microphones make them stand out in high-end indoor performances. However, due to its harsh requirements for the environment, as well as many reasons such as price, it has been difficult to solve the application problems in other professional fields such as recording and outdoor performances. Because of its inherent advantages in sound transmission, wired microphones have been steadily occupying half of the country, and even in recent years, due to their price advantages, they have also accounted for a considerable share in indoor occasions.
In fact, fundamentally speaking, wireless microphones and wired microphones are two completely different fields in terms of production technology and equipment. It is only because of the competition in the application field that they have become rivals, and their different application fields have been formed due to different product characteristics.
Generally speaking, wireless microphones are mainly used in professional indoor performances, monitoring, personal audio systems and other fields; while wired microphones are mainly used in fields with complex environments such as outdoor and recording or with stricter requirements for sound quality transmission.

Which is better, wireless microphone or wired microphone
The portability of wireless microphones and the excellent sound quality and stability of wired microphones are the biggest advantages of both. In recent years, with the development of wireless switching equipment, some manufacturers have begun to try to produce dual-purpose microphones, but the technicality and stability need to be improved. It is believed that in the near future, dual-use microphones that combine the advantages of wired and wireless will become a trend.
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