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Product selection guide: What product category does Shopee Malaysia do?

2021-03-06 619
Shopee is currently an e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and the consumer population is mainly from some countries in Southeast Asia. Although the platform was established in 2015 and its appearance is not particularly long, the number of users is very large, with 600 million, and it is Tencent. Investment, so you need to have a QQ number to make Xiaopi. What we want to understand today is the knowledge about the selection of shrimp skin Malaysia:

1. The category of women's clothing. Malaysians like jackets, underwear, shorts and sports pants.
Malay weather is hot, but there is still a demand for long-sleeved clothing. For religious reasons, female buyers with Muslims as the majority cannot expose their limbs. Although they don't have to wear that special "black robe" all day long, they need other long-sleeved clothing to cover their limbs. The styles are like plaid shirts, T-shirts, and jeans in our daily lives, similar to our domestic clothes.

2. Family. This product is also very popular with everyone, and it is a product category that has been used for a long time. It is impossible for everyone to buy, and it is impossible for everyone to buy together. When everyone has a need, they must buy it. Household products such as kitchen utensils and kitchen accessories are also in great demand.

3. Mother and child. Small toys and stationery, clothes for little girls are more popular.

Product selection guide: What product category does Shopee Malaysia do?

4. Skin care. In the Malaysian market, with the characteristics of natural skin care products and the overall development prospects of the market, the most popular products in promotional activities are skin care products, beauty cosmetics and skin care tools.
In this area of Malaysia, the main buying groups are also women around the age of 20-35. Therefore, when selling products, this part of female buyers also need the Shopee store to focus on negative aspects. For hot-selling products, such as maternal and child products, fashion products, beauty and health care, household products, and 3C digital products.

In fact, after a comprehensive comparison, the popular products of each site have certain commonalities, and the popular products here are likely to sell well in the market. When doing shop analysis and summary data, pay attention to observation. It is not difficult to find the direction of reference. Instead of looking at which products are easy to sell, you should study consumers to see what they really want.

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