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8 common difficult problems in professional audio engineering

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KTV, karaoke halls, bars, discos and other night venues are inseparable from audio engineering. We often encounter some problems when installing audio equipment. There are many types and quantities of audio and lighting systems, and there are also great requirements for audio technology. Differences, so when installing audio equipment, various problems are inevitable. Below we analyze the eight most common difficult problems in professional audio engineering for everyone, and hope to help you install audio equipment!

1. Characteristic analysis of problems existing in sound engineering
We have to "prescribe the right medicine", let's first look at the "commonality" of many problems in sound engineering. According to the characteristics of sound engineering, many sound problems generally do not occur during the construction process. In many cases, sound problems mostly occur in the debugging stage of sound equipment, or after the sound equipment has been installed for a period of time, many small problems will appear. Sometimes, some of the original audio failures will disappear inexplicably, but I don't know when this kind of situation will occur again. For this kind of experience, I believe that many sound engineers are a little bit empathetic. Then these small problems can appear in various forms, but as long as you ensure that the sound design is okay, then there is only one source of these failures, and that is a small omission in the sound engineering construction link.

2. Analysis of the 8 most common difficult problems in professional sound engineering
① The phenomenon of out-of-control lighting
In sound engineering, there are sometimes uncoordinated, uncontrolled or wrong movements of the light movement. Although a slight loss of light control will not affect normal operation, if the problem is not resolved for a long time, then this small fault is likely to be converted into a major fault. Moreover, any performance will not tolerate the phenomenon of out-of-control lighting.

② The housing of the audio equipment is electrified
The operation of the sound engineering must use electricity, so when the sound equipment is debugged, the sound equipment shell is often charged. Although this is not a big problem, it will endanger the safety of the staff in serious cases, which cannot be ignored.

8 common difficult problems in professional audio engineering

③, the video image is not displayed properly
The video transmission distance in professional audio engineering is generally relatively long. Usually, the signal needs to be processed and distributed by video, and then sent to multiple display devices. There are also many intermediate links. The video image quality may be poor due to different reasons. Affect the viewing effect, so it should be dealt with.

④ Resonance and feedback in the sound field
Although serious consideration has been made in the design and construction of the sound engineering, it is inevitable that there are some incomplete and unpredictable aspects. The occurrence of this problem will definitely affect the normal use and should be eliminated.

⑤ The sound of the wireless microphone is unstable
Nowadays, most sound projects are equipped with wireless microphones, but due to improper installation and debugging, a considerable number of them are not in good condition. Especially in the performance site, the working conditions of wireless microphones will directly affect the quality of the performance. Therefore, this is not acceptable. Ignored the problem.

⑥ Insufficient sound system volume
When debugging sound engineering, it is often encountered that the volume of the sound is always small, which does not meet the design sound pressure level requirements, which indicates that there are problems in the installation and setting of the equipment.

⑦, produce interference noise
In sound engineering, there are a lot of time to encounter interference noise, and the reasons are different. It is usually very troublesome to solve. But as long as you analyze carefully, find the cause from the construction of the system, and analyze it step by step, the problem can always be solved.

⑧, the bulbs of computer lights are often damaged
Although the damage of the bulb is normal, it should not be a normal phenomenon if it is damaged after a short time of use. Especially the bulbs of computer lights are generally more expensive, and frequent replacement will increase less and large expenses, and the quality is better. The life of the bulb of the computer light should generally be more than 750 hours. If the bulb is damaged due to the unsturdy and durable operation error, the use time is less than this requirement, it should be searched.
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