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The difference between noise-canceling headphones and ordinary headphones

2021-03-05 550
The difference between noise reduction headphones and ordinary headphones, after reading it, decide which one you want to buy

Like the earphones that almost everyone uses nowadays, some people have very high requirements for the sound quality of the earphones. But for people who are willing to wear headphones, they generally want to better appreciate that they want to get a sound quality, and they don't want the surrounding noisy environment to affect them. But our general headphones are in a noisy environment, and the noise has a very big impact on our sound quality, making it impossible for us to listen to what we want to listen to with high quality.

If there is such a situation, we may all choose to buy a headset that can reduce noise. Because by purchasing a noise reduction headset, we can enjoy some better sound quality without being disturbed by the surrounding noisy environment. So today, the editor will tell you what is unique about the noise-reducing earphones.

First of all, you may not know our noise-canceling headphones very well for noise-canceling headphones. Generally speaking, for some other headphones, the appearance of noise reduction headphones is not very different from other headphones. But if we take a closer look, there is still a little difference. Generally, noise-canceling headphones can more easily distinguish the left ear from the right ear. In this way, we can wear our headphones more easily, so that our users can experience the convenience of wearing headphones more quickly.

The difference between noise-canceling headphones and ordinary headphones

But this point is common to all noise-canceling headphones. Secondly, the general noise reduction earphones have a battery reminder. When we find that our earphones are out of power, we can charge our earphones in time to prevent us from running out of power when we want to use our earphones. awkward. There is also one of our general noise-canceling headphones. Its cable material is relatively good and the softness is relatively moderate. It allows us to organize and open easily, so that we are not easy to tear and entangle our headset

For noise processing, general noise reduction headphones will use sound waves to cancel out the surrounding noise, or use one of our microphones to pick up the surrounding noise, and then use a very accurate algorithm to eliminate what our ears may hear One of the noise.

In this case, for some of our general mechanical noise, our sound insulation and noise reduction headphones have a very good effect, so that we can get a very good environment when listening to songs.

The current noise-cancelling headphones are not particularly expensive and can be accepted by the public. But let us accept the very high-quality sound quality after noise reduction in a noisy environment. Then, if this is the case, we can In a noisy environment with mechanical noise, to enjoy a good piece of music, so that our whole body and mind are relaxed.

This is the biggest difference between noise-canceling headphones and general headphones. In addition to allowing us to enjoy high-quality sound quality and reduce noise, it also has a certain protective effect on our ears. The editor thinks that the protection of ears is a very important reason for us to choose noise-canceling headphones, because the health of the ears is also very important.
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