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Ebay new store operation ideas

2021-01-29 659
1. Build a store first and make a baby detail page
Generally speaking, the construction of detail pages is to imitate peers, find several peers with higher sales volume, break down their detail pages into modules, and then compare them to see which modules are shared. You can put it on your own details page.

2. Price
Generally speaking, there are three factors that need to be considered in pricing: cost, customers, and competitors. First of all, we have to consider the cost, and then look at the market at which we want to enter, and then refer to the prices of competitors to draw up our own prices.

3. Make basic sales

For eBay, when many consumers buy products from a store, they are very concerned about sales. The conversion gap between 0 sales and 1,000 sales for the same number of clicks may be hundreds of times. Therefore, sales are very important for conversion.

Ebay new store operation ideas

4. Flow
This is something that many sellers pay attention to. The early drainage methods of eBay are mainly natural search traffic and through trains. You can do natural search optimization to attract natural search traffic, or you can open a through train and pay to attract traffic. Of course, there are also some other promotion methods, such as social promotion outside the site, video promotion, classified information promotion and so on.
However, for eBay, the best conversion is eBay search traffic and through-car traffic. If you talk about off-site traffic, you can spend less energy and money to attract a lot of traffic, then you can do off-site traffic. If you can’t, it is recommended to spend more energy on natural search and through trains. .

5. Test price
Through the above operations, basically your baby will have orders every day. If you say that at this time, your conversion is average and you want to increase sales quickly, then refer to the price of your peers. It may not be the best price for you. At this time, you need to test the price yourself, do a market analysis, and then compare the price Increase or decrease, test each price for 3 days, and then look at the data feedback to find a price with a relatively large sales volume.

6. Optimize the page
Through the above steps, our shop has obtained a lot of data, and we can optimize the page based on the generated data. Order a quantum heat map, check what users care about frequently clicking on, and then according to the communication between customers and customer service, find the problems that users often encounter, add these elements to the page, and then look at the feedback. There is also the expression of selling points, the integrity of the page, and so on. These can refer to peers and sellers of similar products.

7. Raise prices
With the increase in sales and page optimization, our conversions have been much higher than before. At this time, you can consider raising the price, so that your profits will be more, and it is very likely that some sellers are selling at a loss in the early stage, so the price increase is more important for them. Generally speaking, the price increase should not be too large, as it will have a greater impact on conversion. You can increase the price by 5%, and then for buyers who come to shop as soon as the price increase, you can give them some small gifts, or directly give them coupons, so that the displayed purchase price is the price after our price increase, and subsequent buyers come to buy The impact will be relatively small.

8. Do old user marketing
Some stores are durable goods, and some are daily necessities. For those treasures that consumers need to buy frequently, the maintenance of old users is more important. You can let them follow your twitter, facebook, professional forums, etc., and then often share some valuables The content often provides some promotional activities. After the customer receives the goods, timely care will result in unexpected receipts!

9. Pay attention to market conditions
The market is changing rapidly, and only by understanding and analyzing the market situation in real time can we find a more favorable position. For seasonal products, do market analysis once a week, and for non-seasonal products, do market analysis once every two weeks.
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