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Do you want Amazon to cut prices in the off-season?

2021-03-05 557
When selling seasonal products, it is necessary to make clear based on the sales data of this peak season whether this product will not be sold after the peak season this year, or whether it will continue to be sold in the peak season of the second year.

If this year is in the peak season, the sales situation is generally so that the goods are basically cleared and the sales can no longer be sold. In the off-season, the inventory needs to be disposed of in time.

Backstage promotion tools, spikes, Amazon outlets, and deals outside the site can all be used to clear the goods as soon as possible.

Do you want Amazon to cut prices in the off-season?

If you continue to sell in the peak season of the second year, you first need to ensure that the product is continuously available. In the case of constant availability, the listing optimization can be carried out, and the evaluation can be continued at a slower speed to maintain the growth of the evaluation, and at the same time, the advertisements on the site cannot be completely closed. .

You need to lower your budget and bids, but you still need to keep the ads on to maintain data continuity. Wait until 2 months before the start of the peak season to start replenishment. At the same time, the speed of evaluation can be accelerated, and the advertising budget and bids will also begin to increase to prepare for the coming of the peak season.

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