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Common problems and countermeasures of Amazon account security

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Whether it is Xiaobai, a newbie who has just registered with Amazon, or an old operation that has been in operation for a period of time, ensuring the safety and health of our account is the foundation of our business in Amazon.
For some operations that are not abiding by the rules, sometimes they will try frantically on the edge of making mistakes. In this case, even if something goes wrong, the operation will have certain expectations in mind. However, as a novice, if you do not carefully understand the rules of account security, you are likely to make a big mistake without knowing it, causing a very large loss.
In order to avoid such low-level errors as much as possible, let's carefully sort out the common problems and countermeasures of Amazon account security.
First of all, it is strongly recommended that after completing account registration, carefully study the requirements of Amazon's official code of conduct regarding seller account security

https://sellercentral.amazon.com/gp/help/help.html?itemID=G1801&language=en_US&), in fact, the basic requirements of the official website have been written very clearly, but in normal work, many small partners are not serious Read it.

Everyone needs to log in to the seller's account when viewing this webpage. If the above code of conduct is violated during operation, you will face two main penalties:
1. The shop is closed
2. The funds in the seller's account will be frozen or even confiscated
Specific to the actual operation, you need to pay special attention to the following 10 points:

Don't take Amazon customers off the Amazon platform
For example, in the listing, consumers are encouraged to follow your third-party independent station to obtain discounts, send third-party URLs in the station letter, and enter your personal email address.
In short, Amazon officially prohibits any behavior that can take the traffic on the site away from the Amazon platform.

Don't send in-site marketing emails to your Amazon customers
Even if your store has promotional activities in Amazon, don't send promotional messages to your Amazon customers through in-site messages.

Don't abuse Amazon buyer's mobile phone number
Professionally planned Amazon sellers can access the buyer's mobile phone number under self-delivery orders. Amazon prohibits sellers from misusing the buyer's mobile phone number, such as sending text messages containing promotional information.

Do not have multiple accounts at the same time
Everyone is familiar with this point. Amazon officially prohibits a seller from having multiple seller accounts, so in actual operation, if you have this requirement, you must do a good job in anti-association work.

Do not operate comments
To put it simply, you are not allowed to brush orders. Almost all sellers may have experience of brushing orders, so you must also have the experience of being criticized.
In fact, it doesn’t make much sense to brush orders just for review. I don’t encourage everyone to check orders. At present, most of the so-called buyer resources provided by service providers on the market are not good. The comments on this page were hit again.
How to get reviews safely refer to the article: How do Amazon sellers get reviews safely
In addition, it cannot be included in the site letter or product after-sales card. For example, leave a positive review to win 5 yuan in cash, or leave a positive review to win allowances for the next purchase. You can invite buyers to leave a neutral review.
For specific insert card making methods, please refer to the article: How to make and use Amazon thank you card (Insert card)

A-to-z claims must be processed in time
Amazon officially implements a protection policy for all buyers who purchase goods on the Amazon platform. If the buyer is not satisfied with the goods or services sold by third-party sellers, the buyer can initiate an Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee claim. (Referred to as "A-to-Z" or "A-to-Z Claim") to protect your own interests.

The seller's handling of A-to-Z is more difficult than the general return and exchange problem, because once an A-to-Z claim is established, it will affect the order defect rate (ODR) and perfect order (POP) scores in the seller's performance indicators. The negative impact on the seller is obvious. If there are not many orders for the seller, you should be more careful. There may be one or two A-to-Z, which may cause the account to be reviewed, frozen, or even closed. risk.

Common problems and countermeasures of Amazon account security

Prevent network IP association
Association is the most familiar issue for everyone, and it is also the most important point to pay attention to when Amazon accounts are closed. Try to ensure that the network for logging in to Amazon seller accounts is pure and does not log in to the same network as other seller accounts.
In operation, pay attention to the following 2 points:
(1) Do not register multiple stores in the same set of information (such as mobile phone number, company information, email, or even registration password)
(2) Do not use the same hardware device or network to log in to different stores
In short, the most appropriate method is to use a set of clean equipment and a clean network to log in to only one account. If you want to log in to multiple accounts on the same device, you can use a cloud server.
In addition, if you are a novice, don't believe how many stores others have. One store is enough in the early stage, and you don't need to build several stores at once. Putting these funds and energy on product selection and refined operations will bring the greatest benefits.

Prevent intellectual property infringement
The following 3 points need to be noted here:
(1) Do not add the brand names of other sellers in your listing
(2) For the trademark you have created, you must first go to the USPTO website to check to see if the trademark has been registered
(3) After selecting the product, complete the investigation on whether the product has the risk of infringement

Do not buy your own products
You cannot use your seller account to buy your own products to increase sales for your listing.

Don't exaggerate your product sales history in your listing
Don’t deliberately exaggerate your cumulative sales history. For example, you can only sell 100 products per month, and write a description like "It has been widely loved by consumers since it was launched and has sold 50,000 products in total."
The above is about the content of Amazon account security, which needs to be paid attention to and how to deal with it. If you have any other supplements or questions, please leave a message to me.
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