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What are the advantages of wooden speakers?

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1. High density
1. The material used in most wooden speakers is MDF medium density fiberboard, which is made of wood fiber bai or other plant fibers, crushed, fiber separated, dried and then applied with adhesive, and then hot pressed. An artificial board. The density is uniform, the surface is smooth, and the thickness is 5-30 mm.
2. Therefore, the material density of the shell of wooden speakers is usually higher, which results in the smaller the vibration generated by the cabinet when the speakers emit sound, especially the active speakers with high-power amplifiers, so that the sound It can be restored more realistically.

Second, the playback effect is good

The comparison between wood and plastic is much stronger for sound reflection, and the airtightness of wood is also very good, so that the sound signal can be effectively expressed through the air vibration in the box, and the thickness of the box is also super The strong guarantee of the bass effect is best to download a player software such as (QQ Music TV version, Xiami Music, Rainbow Music) in the Dangbei market when it is convenient to install and try the sound effects!

What are the advantages of wooden speakers?

Precautions for purchasing wooden speakers
1. Due to the outstanding performance of wooden speakers in terms of timbre, wooden speakers in the entire speaker market are mass-produced and produced. There are also unscrupulous merchants who use "particleboard" to make wooden speakers under the guise of MDF medium density board. Particleboard at first glance It is similar to MDF board, but its density and hardness are far less than MDF board, the internal structure is rough, the cost is low, and the sound quality of the speakers is naturally not good.
2. Particle board (also called "solid wood particle board") is a kind of wood and other raw materials that are cut into fragments of a certain specification, dried, mixed with adhesive, hardener, and waterproofing agent, and pressed at a certain temperature. Artificial board. Generally speaking, its edges are relatively rough, so the edge sealing process of the speaker made of particleboard is particularly important. In addition, its hardness is relatively weaker than that of MDF board, which can be felt by touching and knocking by hand.
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