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What is the eBay store opening process? How much does it cost to open a store on eBay?

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The rapid development of cross-border electricity has made more and more people want to join it. There are also many related cross-border platforms, and eBay is an online auction and shopping website that manages the purchase and sale of goods online by people around the world. . So what is the process for novices entering eBay? How much does it cost to open a store on eBay?

1. The eBay store opening process
Step 1: Register an eBay trading account
1. Open www.ebay.com.hk or www.ebay.cn and click the "register" button on the upper left. After entering the eBay registration page, set the account and password.

After that, your email will receive an email from eBay. Go to Outlook to register an email before registering for eBay. After all, it is a cross-border e-commerce company, so try to choose a foreign email.

2. Click to complete verification, click "provide me with verification code via SMS", and then enter the verification code received. Then confirm the terms.

Step 2: Register a paypal account

PayPal account registration is also relatively simple, as long as you fill in the real information.

Step 3: Bind your eBay account and Paypal account

1. Log in to your eBay account and click My eBay in the upper right corner. Note: The eBay account is universal, and you can log in regardless of whether it is in the US, Australia or Hong Kong.

2. Click Account—paypal account—connect to my paypal account

3. Fill in the address, enter the paypal account and password

After completing the above steps, you have completed the association between the eBay account and the PayPal account, and the eBay store registration will be successful.

2. Introduction to eBay store opening costs
The basic cost of opening a store on eBay includes publishing fees, transaction fees, and PayPal fees.

1. Publication fee
When listing items on eBay America, eBay will charge you a certain percentage of the listing fee; after the items are sold, a small percentage of the transaction fee will be charged. Therefore, the basic cost of selling on eBay is the publication fee plus the transaction fee. Depending on the type of publication you choose-auction or Buy it Now, the costs will be different.

Note: If the number of listings exceeds the number of free listings, a listing fee of $0.3 per listing will be charged. For the free part, some categories or products are not included.

What is the eBay store opening process? How much does it cost to open a store on eBay?

2. Transaction fee
The eBay transaction fee is calculated based on the cost paid by the buyer, including product costs and logistics costs. In the case of no shop, the transaction fee for most products is 10% of the total sales, but the maximum is not more than 750 US dollars. Note: In the US, if the sales performance of your account drops to below standard seller, the transaction fee rate will increase by a certain percentage.

3. PayPal fees
Paypal will charge a handling fee based on sales. If monthly sales are in different ranges, they will be charged at standard or preferential rates.

4. Other optional fees
Different levels of shop assistants charge different fees. There are two ways to charge fees: monthly and annual. For stores of different tiers, the number of monthly free listings, the percentage of listing fees and transaction fees charged are different. But the higher the store level, the more free listings and the lower the rate of other fees. If you want to add additional store auxiliary functions, you need to pay extra.
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