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The details that should be paid attention to when using wireless microphones

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Compared with the wired microphone, the wireless microphone is more convenient to use, it moves freely and the operation is simple. However, if you do not master the correct usage method, various problems will arise.
1. The influence of frequency
If two microphones work on the same frequency, interference will occur and they cannot be used, and two transmitters cannot use one receiver at the same time. The receiver must have one or two external antennas, and there should be an open transmission space between these antennas and the transmitter.
Increasing the squelch parameters on the receiver can effectively avoid interference, but it will reduce the range of use. Computers and other digital devices are common sources of wireless interference. When using a microphone, turn off these unnecessary electronic devices as much as possible. If you must use them, make sure that the electronic devices are at least 3 feet away from the receiver and antenna.

2. The operation of the wireless microphone must be correct
When using a wireless microphone, do not put the transmitter in your pocket, because if you unconsciously reach into your pocket, you may touch the switch or pull the cord, and if there are other things in your pocket, it will also affect the transmitter. , It’s best to fix it on the host’s belt or belt.
Although the wireless microphone can move freely, sometimes it moves too much and accidentally gets close to the speaker, which can easily generate feedback. If the user has to walk around, he must know what to do in case of signal loss. Sometimes a step to the side, even a little offset, may solve the problem.

Third, the battery of the wireless microphone
Before using the wireless microphone, make sure that the battery is fully charged. If the microphone power is low or out of power, it will cause complete no signal, reduced working range, sound distortion, and interference. Once there is a problem with the battery, replace it in time. Do not mix new and old batteries. In addition, use new high-quality alkaline batteries.
How to prevent and avoid interference from external signals to wireless microphones. Before purchasing a wireless microphone, you should find out the transmitting frequency of the local TV station, and you should stagger it when purchasing. If it is a newly built site, if conditions permit, add high-density wire mesh or iron sheet to the top and surrounding of the building to shield and isolate the interference of external wireless signals.
How to use the antenna correctly to ensure the signal stability When using multiple sets of the same series of wireless microphone systems, it is best to use an antenna splitter if possible to minimize the mutual interference between the antennas on the original receiver; or to receive the wireless microphone Machine Guarantee

Maintain proper horizontal spacing, so that each receiver has better receiving conditions, avoid mutual interference between frequencies, and obtain better wireless signals.
How to identify the wireless microphone in use When using two or more handheld wireless microphones of the same model at the same time, in order to prevent misoperation, the bottom of each wireless microphone (the place that is not easy to block when holding the microphone) should be marked with a different color , At the same time, the channel corresponding to the microphone on the mixer should also be marked or marked with the same color as the microphone. In this way, even if the wrong wireless microphone is taken, the operator can correct it in time. In addition, you can also use the color microphone dust cover to mark, which not only improves the sound quality, but also serves as a microphone mark, which will do two things with one stone. In order to prevent the wrong lavalier microphone, you can first set the number or color of each microphone transmitter. Before the performance, the person and the machine should be ordered. When the exchange is used, a special person should arrange it.

How to prevent the silent phenomenon that may appear in the performance? During the performance, the singers always use the handheld wireless microphone alternately. Some actors will unconsciously turn off the power of the wireless transmitter or turn on the microphone mute switch to make the microphone in a mute state. In this way, when an actor uses the wireless microphone, there will be an embarrassing scene of no sound from the wireless microphone, which will catch the operator by surprise. Under normal circumstances, when the power of the wireless microphone transmitter is turned off, the transmitter working indicator light on the wireless microphone receiver will go out. If the operator can often check the indicator light of the wireless receiver when switching microphones, the problem will be discovered in time. However, if the mute switch of the wireless microphone is turned on, it is only up to the operator to monitor with headphones when the program is alternated. In order to prevent the wireless microphone from being silent, usually the mute switch should be fixed with tape.

The details that should be paid attention to when using wireless microphones

The receiver and transmitter can only be successfully matched when they are in the same channel. The 48 channels can be switched in normal operation, and the anti-interference ability is strong. In the same place, 40 sets can be used at the same time, the signal is stable, and the penetrating power is strong;
The transmitter of the wireless microphone is the input interface of the microphone: the LINEIN port, which is mainly used to connect the audio signal output and recording of external devices such as electric guitar and keyboard synthesizers. Because these devices have large output power, they need to be connected to the LINE IN port;
The receiver is mainly a stereo audio output interface: it mainly includes a power switch, a power slot, an antenna, an antenna A LED indicator, an antenna B LED indicator, and a power LED indicator

The power LED indicates the blue light, working; the power LED indicates the red light, the battery is too low, in fact, this is similar to the mobile phone, and then the channel indicator, the battery indicator, the headphone port, the volume button, the setting button, etc.;
When using a wireless microphone, the editor would like to remind everyone here that only when the transmitter and receiver are on the same channel can be considered successful. When the recording is not clear and the signal is unstable, you can try to adjust to other channels to link. Recording, when the device emits a red indicator light, please pay attention to replace the battery in order to continue to work, please make sure to install the electromagnetic with the correct polarity when using, otherwise it will not work normally.
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