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Amazon pushes a small and lightweight plan to see if you are suitable?

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Generally, the delivery fee for Amazon FBA products starts at $2.50 and varies according to the quantity, size and category of the product. If you are selling cheap goods, then the $2.50 delivery fee is a very high price.
In response to this problem, Amazon recently launched a small and lightweight program (Amazon FBA small), through which sellers can maintain considerable profitability when selling products with a price of less than or equal to $7.
What is a small and lightweight plan

If the price of the product you sell is $7 or less, and the following conditions are met, you can use the FBA service at a lower delivery fee:

Size: 16 x 9 x 4 inches or smaller

Capacity: less than 10 ounces

Condition: The product must be new

The ASIN must be listed on Amazon for 90 days or more, and 25 or more sets must be sold in the past 4 weeks.

Barcode: Products should be labeled with an Amazon barcode, not a manufacturer barcode.

In addition, the following product categories do not support the use of small and lightweight plans.

Restricted products

FBA prohibited products

Adult Products

dangerous item

Temperature-sensitive products (such as chocolate)

Benefits of Amazon's small and lightweight plan

Free Prime Delivery: Products sold through the small and lightweight plan are eligible for free Prime delivery (within 3-5 working days). Amazon customers without Prime membership can deliver free shipping within 6-8 working days. Qualifying Prime will greatly increase the invisibility of your product. In addition, customers do not need to spend a minimum of $25 to qualify for free shipping. Usually, this can translate into more sales and profits.

Lower shipping costs: This is the main benefit of the plan. Lower shipping costs can be changed to increase profits, or you can choose to sell at a competitive price and pass these savings on to customers. Either way, this is a win-win situation.

Amazon's A-Z guarantee: There are many benefits to being part of the FBA program. One of them is Amazon's A-Z guarantee. Customers trust Amazon. With FBA, this trust will extend to you. Amazon's world-class team will handle customer inquiries and refunds, while you focus on your business.

Amazon pushes a small and lightweight plan to see if you are suitable?

Free promotion: certain products in the consumer goods category that are priced at $5 or less (beauty, health and personal care, groceries, babies-excluding clothing) may receive 5% when customers order two or more units of goods the discount of. In these cases, the discount is borne by Amazon and does not require additional payment by the seller. Essentially, this is a free promotion for the product and will not affect profits.

The cost of Amazon's small and lightweight plan

Let's take a look at the most important part of this plan-lower fulfillment costs. This is the shipping fee for Amazon FBA small and light in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Obviously, this plan is very advantageous. In addition, the program can also help sellers reach a wider audience and provide all the benefits of FBA. It should be noted that only the distribution cost is lower, and all other FBA fees remain unchanged in the plan.

How to join a small and lightweight plan

1. Create or use existing MSKU (merchant stock keeping unit) according to the business plan. You can view the program registration guide to help figure out what needs to be done.

2. Get MSKU ready, log in to the seller center and visit the registration page.

3. Download the registration template.

4. Enter the relevant MSKU in the field provided. Make sure to remove extra spaces before and after MSKU-this is to ensure that there are no upload errors.

5. Upload the updated document to the seller center.

6. Monitor and review the upload status. The time required to process the request depends on the file size. Once the processing report is available, make sure to double-check the report for errors.

7. Deliver the product to the Amazon distribution center. At least 24 items need to be sent for each MSKU.

8. Everything is ready and ready to be sold on Amazon.

Zeshui has something to say
Through the small and lightweight plan, you may find that selling cheap, small, and lightweight products on Amazon is a good way to make money. Lower shipping costs may seem insignificant at first glance, but when you have a hot-selling product, it will accumulate less and help save a lot of costs.
Of course, this depends largely on finding the right product. Even after finding the perfect product, you still need to have an excellent listing and high-quality PPC advertising plan.
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