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What materials are used for audio equipment, and the sound quality is better?

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What are the types and materials of the audio equipment you see now? You may see wooden speakers the most, and this type of speaker is more common. It is used in many places such as KTV bars, families, meetings, etc. Then audio manufacturers talk about what materials are used to produce audio:

Our most common and popular one is wooden speakers, but it is worth noting that wooden cabinets are not equivalent to pure logs. Wooden panels can be classified into solid wood panels and wood-based panels according to their materials.
At present, in addition to the use of solid wood panels for the floor and door leaves, the panels we generally use are artificially processed man-made panels. Artificial board also includes density board and particle board, which will be described in detail below.

There are several types of wood: natural solid wood and man-made board. Compared with the two, they have the advantages of low cost, simple processing, high utilization rate, and more economical than natural wood.

Although metal speakers are not as common as wooden ones, they are also very good optional materials. Metal is stronger than wood and plastic in strength and density, so it can create a more distinctive tone. In addition, because the color and texture of metal materials are in line with the current mainstream aesthetic orientation, metal speakers also give people a very high-end feel. Many small-volume portable speakers use metal materials.

What materials are used for audio equipment, and the sound quality is better?

Plastic and wood, a contrast, is that plastic is a renewable material, wood is not good. However, plastic materials may later replace wood. Plastic speakers are widely used in speakers. They are small, portable, and most suitable for working people or families. With the direct injection of high-gloss technology and colors, the plastic cabinet has a better appearance and expressiveness.

Glass is also a kind of synthetic material, so the production cost can be better controlled. The reason why glass speakers are rare is that they are more brittle in texture and easier to damage, and have higher requirements for the use environment. Therefore, glass Speakers mostly appear in the HiFi field, which can be regarded as a strange flower.

Don't be surprised about Rock Audio. Now many DIY audio manufacturers like to use marble for audio equipment. Stone has certain advantages in suppressing resonance. The use of stone as the cabinet of the speaker is more often a player's choice. For brands that focus on commercial sales, wood and plastic are more suitable.
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