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How to choose a wooden bluetooth speaker

2021-03-02 495
Bluetooth speakers refer to audio equipment with built-in Bluetooth chips that replace traditional wire connections with Bluetooth connections. By connecting with Bluetooth playback devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and notebooks, it achieves the purpose of convenience and speed. At present, Bluetooth speakers are mainly portable speakers, which are generally small and portable. Bluetooth speaker technology is gradually being valued and accepted by consumers due to its convenient and human characteristics. Most common Bluetooth speakers on the market are mono speakers (single speaker unit). ), at the same time some excellent sound quality multi-channel speakers (two or more speaker units) have emerged.

For example, the wooden bluetooth speaker looks taller, and a wooden bluetooth speaker in the market that is even more surprising has added the latest technology of mobile phone wireless charging function.

One listen: 5W speaker amplifier is very rare in small bluetooth speakers. The sound quality is also better than most 3W amplifiers.

How to choose a wooden bluetooth speaker

Second look: the wooden appearance makes the speakers have a certain level of improvement in gift giving and use.

Three functions: LED display time, temperature, date, alarm clock, hands-free answering calls, mobile phone wireless charging, etc.

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