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Reasons for blocked eBay accounts and seller complaints

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EBay sellers often complain that their account is blocked for no reason. After receiving the email, they don’t know why it was blocked or how to deal with it. At this time, as a seller, you must first reflect on whether you have violated eBay’s regulations. ? The following introduces the reasons why eBay accounts have been blocked and how sellers appeal.

First, let’s take a look at the reasons why eBay account was blocked:

eBay will not block the seller's account for no reason. The seller must have violated the eBay platform's policies. Under normal circumstances, eBay accounts are frozen for two reasons: arrears or violations.

Reasons for blocked eBay accounts and seller complaints

1. If eBay is in arrears, the account will be unblocked when the account is charged.

2. If the violation is blocked, the following are the common reasons for violation.

1. Violation of VeRO policy. If the product you upload infringes a certain kind of intellectual property (trademark, copyright), etc., the intellectual property owner has the right to request eBay to remove part of the listing. Repeated violation accounts may be blocked.

2. Publish prohibited products, such as fake and shoddy products.

3. Use unauthorized pictures obtained from other sellers.

4. Abuse eBay reviews, such as refunding buyers to get good reviews.

5. Avoid eBay fees, contact the buyer, ask to skip the eBay platform, and trade offline.

Then let’s talk about the seller’s complaint:

First, let’s see if you can restore your eBay account. If your account is blocked, do not apply for another account. This is not conducive to your stable development on the platform. Therefore, you must remain transparent and truthful and provide the platform with the information they require. After the review, your account is still not restored, so you have to appeal.

Send an email to eBay's official website. If no feedback is received after 48 hours, the seller can call directly. Before calling, you must prepare the eBay user ID, the email associated with the seller's eBay account, the Case reference number, and other related emails. The eBay customer service phone number is: +1-866-540-3229.

Pay attention to the polite language when calling, don’t be angry, don’t be nervous, try to be professional and communicate for a long time. If the eBay customer service says that it is not helpful, you can ask him to transfer the call to the upper-level management staff and continuously show them your professionalism, understanding of eBay policies and determination to abide by the rules, so that the probability of resuming the account is higher.

Note that there are also many sellers who use the "invisible" policy to resume shop. Although eBay allows sellers to have multiple platform accounts, eBay strictly prohibits the creation of new accounts so as not to block accounts. Once eBay discovers the relationship between the new account and the frozen account, eBay is likely to close all accounts.
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