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Two development directions of the TWS Bluetooth headset market

2021-03-02 522
According to TrendForce's TrendForce Research Institute, the existing brand manufacturers in the TWS Bluetooth headset market are actively developing new products, and new entrants such as Microsoft and Google are also trying to enter this market. In addition, low-priced TWS Bluetooth headset products attract consumers Try to use it, the overall market has grown by 56.2%, and the shipment volume has reached 200 million units.

There are two main directions for the development of TWS Bluetooth headset products:
(1) Various voice application functions based on voice assistants;
(2) Various functions such as noise reduction and other enhancement of acoustic effects.

Although many headset products support voice assistant functions, the related computing processing is still on the smart phone side. Therefore, if you want to enhance these features, or even run directly on TWS Bluetooth headsets, you must improve headset computing and storage. And other hardware specifications.

In contrast, in the improvement of the noise reduction function, acoustic components, operands and algorithm software are basically required. Among the three, the acoustic components are components that the TWS Bluetooth headset itself will have.

In the part of the operands, even if the product is not equipped with a better performance main chip, it can also provide computing performance through the additional anti-noise control chip, and the algorithm software itself will not increase the hardware cost, plus more devices Use it to share more costs.

Two development directions of the TWS Bluetooth headset market

Therefore, on the whole, the enhancement of the noise reduction function will not bring too much burden to the manufacturers, and in the short term, the manufacturers will use the noise reduction function as a product feature.

Among them, ENC (Environmental Noise Reduction) uses dual microphones to pick up the sound, and then uses algorithms to eliminate environmental noise in the voice of the call. If the headset supports the smart phone call function, it will be more popular in high-end products.

ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) uses algorithms to send out reverse sound waves to neutralize the noise after the sound is received. Most of the TWS Bluetooth headsets use hybrid ANC, which has better effects, higher technical barriers and higher costs, so it only appears in High-end products.

The noise reduction function is the focus of manufacturers in the development of TWS Bluetooth headsets in the near future, but with the long-term improvement of hardware specifications, they have begun to strengthen the voice assistant and related voice functions.

As for the physiological data sensing function, it is not impossible to carry it, but considering factors such as placement, size and power consumption, it is unlikely that it can be popularized. The market is still dominated by the development of acoustic-related application functions.
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