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ByteDance's affiliated company acquires a stake in Starlink, and the US $1.9 trillion plan to distribute money is officially approved

2021-03-02 632
ByteDance's affiliated company acquires a stake in Starlink
On February 26, Shenzhen Starlink Network Technology Co., Ltd. had an industrial and commercial change, and a number of shareholders including Beijing Quantum Jump Technology Co., Ltd., a ByteDance affiliate company, were added.
It is reported that Shenzhen Starlink Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established on July 6, 2017 and is an Internet technology company. Legal representative Liu Xin, the company's business scope includes: big data, computer application software development and sales, domestic trade, import and export business, corporate management consulting (excluding restricted items), business information consulting, and advertising business, etc. As of November 2020, Starlink has set up workplaces in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'an and Hangzhou, with more than 1,300 employees.
Previously, Bytedance Global CEO Zhang Yiming mentioned in the internal goals that in 2021, further exploration will be focused on three new business directions. New businesses include cross-border e-commerce, To B (enterprise services) and LKP (office hardware). Suit).
eBay provides seller protection against shipping delays caused by severe weather in parts of the United States
A few days ago, eBay issued an announcement stating that severe weather conditions have interrupted transportation in parts of the United States. Currently, eBay is closely monitoring the situation.
If you have a transaction with a buyer or seller in an affected area on the eBay platform, please note that their ability to communicate or complete the transaction may be delayed due to these circumstances. eBay recommends that buyers be patient during the entire transaction process and when providing credit ratings after the item arrives.

You don’t need to worry about your seller’s performance. If your business is indeed affected by bad weather, eBay will automatically protect your seller performance, including:

ByteDance's affiliated company acquires a stake in Starlink, and the US $1.9 trillion plan to distribute money is officially approved

• Late shipment rate
• Effectively track information upload rate
• “Item not received” disputes caused by delayed delivery, provided that the seller has uploaded tracking information and received physical scan information from the logistics carrier before the buyer initiates the dispute.

In addition, eBay will automatically remove related negative reviews and intermediate reviews caused by bad weather. These disputes and reviews will not affect the seller's service indicator rating.
Amazon Announcement: Choosing the Preferred Tax Service Provider in Amazon's VAT Integration Service
Recently, Amazon has updated the announcement related to Amazon's VAT integration service in its backend. The specific announcement content is as follows:
If your business is outside the EU, you can now use the Amazon VAT integration service to select your tax service provider for VAT registration and declaration. Amazon hereby launches a limited time offer that can waive one-year service fee.
When you register for this service, you can see the default designated tax service provider, and there is an option to change the designated partner. Select the "Change tax partner" option to see all available tax service providers. You can choose your preferred partner and click "Agree and Continue" to continue.
This limited time offer is valid until April 30, 2021. Amazon is exempt from service fees for the first year. The service items include VAT registration, VAT declaration and financial agency. You can also get a UK and/or EU economic operator registration and identification number for free.
Note: Free economic operator registration and identification number services are provided by your tax service provider. Your tax service provider will also determine to apply for EU economic operator registration and identification number in the appropriate EU country/region.

Russian e-commerce platform Wildberries announces its entry into the French, Italian and Spanish markets
According to reports, Russia’s leading e-commerce platform Wildberries stated on February 24 that the company will enter the French, Italian and Spanish markets. At present, Wildberries has established business in 13 countries. In addition, Wildberries opened a distribution center in Warsaw, Poland in 2020, expanding its business to EU countries. Wildberries can provide consumers with about 4 million products under 40,000 brands. The company said that the goods will be distributed through logistics partners, and Wildberries also has thousands of cooperative pickup points in France and Spain.

PayPal data: Filipino sellers prefer to sell on social media
Although in the Philippines e-commerce market, regional e-commerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopee seize a lot of traffic, social media still cannot be ignored. According to a survey by PayPal, 87% of respondents (sellers) said that they are selling products through social media platforms.
According to the "Global Digital Report 2020" released by we are social, the Philippines has 76 million active social media users, accounting for 71% of the total population of the Philippines. They spend an average of 4 hours a day on social media platforms. No. 1 in the world, and has been named the global social media capital for three consecutive years. Although the market penetration rate of local e-commerce platforms is very low and the traffic is inconsistent, most local platforms have found their own market on social media. Among them, BeautyMNL, Kimstore and CesaPH are among the top ten ins.

The U.S. 1.9 trillion U.S. dollar distribution plan is officially approved
According to foreign media reports, Biden's long-term ultra-large-scale US$1.9 trillion economic rescue plan was finally passed to deal with the economic impact of the new crown epidemic. The 1.9 trillion US dollars stimulus plan will be implemented in March. The plan includes a direct payment of 1,400 US dollars to eligible Americans, including the 600 US dollars paid in December last year, and a total of 2,000 US dollars in aid to each person.
I believe that many people will go online after they get the check. The US currently has zero interest rates and ordinary people are also accustomed to high debt. After getting 1,400 checks, it is estimated that they will be able to spend about 3 times, at least 1.5 trillion for consumption. . And Amazon accounts for 70% of online retail sales in the United States. Are Amazon sellers ready to have sufficient inventory? It is estimated that at least half of the inflow to China will be 800 billion US dollars, more than 5 trillion yuan.
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