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Which is better, ceramic earphones or wooden earphones?

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The advantages of ceramic headphones are as follows:
1. Technology, ceramic headphones generally use high-definition front unit technology. The advantage of this technology is that it will make the sound quality of the headphones more delicate;
2. Humanization. The streamlined design of the ear shell part of the ceramic earphones is very exquisite, and it is very humane to consider the long-term needs of listening to songs, making listening to songs with earphones a real enjoyment;
3. Avant-garde fashion. The streamlined design of ceramic headphones has great visual impact; in addition, the ceramic material is also a huge bright spot: ceramics are the most healthy for human skin;

Fourth, comply with demand. Nowadays, they are basically smart phones. Ceramic headsets are used on smart phones, making it easy to make and make calls.

Which is better, ceramic earphones or wooden earphones?

First, wooden earphones need to pursue a taste, and the second is to pursue the taste of wooden speakers, but just pursuing does not mean that they can reach a certain level. Generally, wooden earplugs can only have an advantage in enhancing the atmosphere. That is the sense of music, and it is very limited. When the music is in the ears, we need to listen to the details. We choose headphones only when we listen to the details that cannot be heard in the speakers. And generally the top-of-the-line headphones are not made of wood, which shows that wooden headphones are limited in improving the quality of music.

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