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Does eBay still make sense now?

2021-01-29 1261
The new year has begun. While some new sellers are still struggling with which cross-border platform to build, some have already found their direction.

Some of the more mainstream platforms on the market now include Amazon, AliExpress, lazada, Xiaopi, etc. Oh, I forgot one, eBay

Today’s focus is on eBay, which is about the same time as Amazon’s establishment, and the current route is a bit closer to Amazon.

There are also sellers who say that I don’t hear people saying that they are eBay. Can this platform do it?

The answer is yes

Does eBay still make sense now?

In the early days, eBay was very easy to register an account, as long as you have an ID card. At that time, more sellers were individual sellers, and one person had several or more than a dozen numbers. Later, the policy was adjusted slowly and videos were added. Certification and provide tax audits, etc.

If you want to register an eBay store quickly, it is recommended that the investment manager who is in charge of finding the place to settle in through the enterprise green channel, so that the review speed will be faster, and self-registration will take a long time, and you need to wait for the investment manager to reply to the email before continuing. registered.

The preparation materials are as follows:

1. Legal person ID

2. Business license of the company (the company needs to exist and can find legal persons. Some investment managers need legal persons to take photos with their ID cards. It is best to have a real office space)

3. Proof of address: it can be a utility bill made by the company, a certificate for opening a bank account, a bank statement, etc.

4.VISA or MasterCard or PayPal

There are two types of registered sellers: personal and business

Individuals as long as they have an ID card

The business needs you to prepare business license/legal person and other information

Personal registration process: submit the information on the official website of the ID card-then the video certification-upload the product normally after passing

                                 ----Failed, submit credit card, or utility bill, etc., wait for 2-5 working days for review

Business registration process: find the local eBay investment promotion manager who is responsible for your license, first contact, you can go to the official website to apply according to the normal process, the store will be frozen, you are looking for a manager, just open it, and upload the product normally .

Application time 2-7 working days

If you can’t find the local account manager, you must submit the information on the eBay official account and wait for the account manager to reply to the email-submit the information to the account manager to review whether the conditions are met, if so, the seller will be directed to continue to register-if not, the seller will be required to complete the documents information. After the account becomes the seller's account, the quota is 5 at this time, and the sellers need to submit the business license and address certificate and other documents on the eBay China official website enterprise entry channel, waiting for customer service review. (Note: After the account is opened, some account managers require the legal person to take photos with the ID card, the legal person and the eBay backstage photo, etc.)

The following is the specific situation of the monthly rent of the store and the products on the

The current market situation is like this. If it is done by an individual, there is no advantage, no traffic, and the chance of doing it is small. Now the platform is becoming more and more standardized, such as the use of designated overseas warehouses, overseas operating warehouse access management systems, etc. Newly opened personal accounts and corporate accounts without an account manager are not allowed to publish overseas warehouse links, and corporate accounts with an account manager also need a certain threshold to open overseas permissions.

In the past 2020, eBay required sellers to ship 100% within the specified processing time and have scanned information. This requires sellers to have a stable supply chain and inventory. Those sellers who go to 1688 to pick up the goods after the order is issued are subject to Out of stock, delayed delivery by suppliers and other unstable factors have a greater impact. The unique seller center logistics standard module in Greater China is easy to exceed the standard, and the transaction volume exceeds the standard. The account is easy to receive the penalty of cutting the quota or even clearing it. .

How about it, weigh it in your own situation.

What you can do with straight hair now, or your product is unique and distinctive, because now no matter what category, you have to compete with a large number of overseas warehouse sellers

If you want to do it, it is best to do it in the factory. Use the overseas warehouse designated by eBay. The overseas warehouse used in the first six months can only be the certified warehouse: Wanyitong, Barn, 4PX to operate the store.

There will be more overseas warehouses that can be used later, but they are also officially cooperated by eBay. In this comparison, Amazon seems to be better.

This is the overseas warehouse available for us now https://abpost.ebay.cn/policy/171

eBay’s current regulations are actually competing with Amazon in disguise. Think about it.

eBay sells better, usually factory-type sellers, or sellers with cooperative factories. Because of this, the ex-factory price can be kept low enough, and only manufacturers can do this.

If you sell some ordinary products, you need to have a certain price advantage, the threshold is relatively high, and there is a surprising way to win, that is, selling niche products, long-tail products. The competition is not fierce. Products whose sources are hard to find.

Factory-type sellers can cooperate with eBay's new Qianfan plan to establish their own brand, and eBay will give certain traffic support. You can understand it as Amazon's brand flagship store.

Someone asked, if I want to do it, which country I recommend to do, of course it is the United States. It started in the United States. Of course, there is more data traffic. Now eBay sites are: United States/United Kingdom/Germany/France/Australia/Belgium/Singapore/Ireland/ Canada/Poland/Italy/Spain/Netherlands/Philippines/Austria/Japan/Korea.

Among them, South Korea and Japan need to be opened independently, Japan is Qoo10/ South Korea is G-market.

After opening, all sites are opened. This is different from Amazon. The background can be switched at will, but the VAT tax payment is the same. Now, the function of paying on behalf of the eBay account is opened. The reason is the same as that of Amazon. To prevent tax evasion and underpayment.

Which site you do, you must upload the product link on the corresponding site.
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