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How to improve the ranking of AliExpress products through site search optimization

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The purpose of AliExpress's operation is to obtain a better display position. This must pay attention to technology. In addition to the quality of its own products, the technology that requires optimization is relatively high.

Through a unique optimization method, the natural search ranking of a single product can be promoted to the top placement for free. Let's share the optimization method of ranking in the site.

1. Keyword title optimization
The importance of the title is self-evident. Buyers search for products by searching keywords. Therefore, optimizing title keywords is particularly important. Before setting suitable keywords, you need to find high-quality and high-popular keywords, which can be found in the drop-down box of the search box. Once you have the most popular keywords, you can start arranging keywords. Title translation can use Global Transaction Assistant to translate the target language, and it can also detect prohibited words and infringing words.

2. Picture optimization

By optimizing the photo shooting that conforms to the rules of the platform, it can attract visitors. The more visitors, the more click-through rate, the platform system will think this product is useful to visitors, and the placement will increase.

How to improve the ranking of AliExpress products through site search optimization

3. Detailed description and translation
The detailed description should also be set to search for big words, so that the system can detect more keywords, which is conducive to the ranking of the product. Of course, the more keywords are not the better, too many keywords will be regarded as piled up, but the gain is not worth the loss.

Fourth, DSR score
The DSR score of AliExpress stores is a comprehensive score based on the buyer's description, service attitude, and Internet speed after the transaction, which affects the ranking of products. Therefore, product ranking optimization is a systematic and comprehensive optimization process, and all aspects must be better.
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