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How to wear a Bluetooth headset

2021-02-28 534
1. First of all, make sure that the Bluetooth headset has enough power and no other output devices are connected;

2. Earbud Bluetooth headset
Tuck it directly into your ears in a comfortable way, just like the rubber-style wired earphones we usually use

3. Ear-hook Bluetooth headset
Rotate the wearing ring on the earphone, choose the appropriate left or right ear, or both left and right ears can be adjusted and used, and then fit the ear and hang it on the contour of the ear

How to wear a Bluetooth headset

4. Sports Bluetooth headset
This kind of earphone has a moderate weight and can easily jam the cochlea part

5. Headset Bluetooth headset
Many people have seen headsets, and Bluetooth headsets also have this type. This way of wearing them is to directly cross the ears. You can put the handle of the headset on the top of your head or put it on the back, which is comfortable.

6. Intercom Bluetooth headset
When traveling now, many tour guides will use the intercom system to explain to everyone. This is to put the earphones in your ears and hang the receiver around your neck.
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