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Several cases of account being blocked & how to make a complaint

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There are two types of Amazon titles, one is the listing title and the other is the account title.

The listing title means that your listing is taken off the shelf and cannot be sold, but it does not affect the sales of your other products. What you lose is part of your income and part of your products. But if you receive "your sales authority has been cancelled", then you will suffer losses including storage fees, lease fees, Amazon loans and the products you store in Amazon warehouses.
Speaking of the reasons why Amazon accounts are blocked, there are actually many reasons. Today, I will give you some common reasons.
Such as: selling counterfeit goods, infringement, account association, price fraud, new account verification, manipulation of review, abuse of asin, inaccurate product description, delayed delivery, second-hand goods sold as new products. At present, most of the titles are related to infringement, selling counterfeit goods, and account association.
There are many cases of Amazon banning. The specific appeal method depends on the reason why your account was banned.
When a seller’s account is blocked, you must first check whether you have received an email from Amazon, how it is written on the received email, and determine what caused the ban before prescribing the right medicine.
If it is because the product has been complained that the fake product has been blocked, if it is true, immediately remove the product;
If it is defamation, provide relevant information to Amazon for appeal, including but not limited to: company registration certificate, company trademark certificate, appearance design certificate, product picture and mark 5 places of its own unique design, provide existing B2B export customs declaration and overseas The buyer's purchase order, or the certification letter provided by the factory is used to prove that the product is designed by the factory...
If you are blocked because of infringement, you can try some measures

first step:

As an Amazon seller's lawyer, negotiate with the complainant on behalf of the customer and strive to withdraw the lawsuit. The general communication methods are telephone, email, and video conference to negotiate and deal with, and the goal is to try to withdraw the lawsuit.

Several cases of account being blocked & how to make a complaint

The second step:
If the complainant refuses to withdraw the lawsuit, we will inform the complainant that his bank will compensate our customers for the economic losses caused. The complainant will also be notified that if we do not withdraw the complaint, we will file a complaint with the complainant’s store to put his account at risk.
At the same time, we will notify the complaining party that if we do not withdraw the lawsuit, we will have the right to appeal to the court.
The complainant is unwilling to take risks → Withdraw the complaint → Submit a complaint letter → Recover the account

third step:
After sending the letter to the complainant, we will also draft an action plan and submit it to Amazon’s dispute team notice-dispute@amazon.com. This "action plan" will inform Amazon that we have tried to contact the complainant many times , But the other party did not cooperate very much, hoping that Amazon can ignore such unreasonable complaints. In addition, the lawyer's letter is used to analyze whether there is a basis for infringement and insist on using legal terms to defend the seller. Generally speaking, Amazon's dispute team tends to listen to the lawyer's point of view.
When Amazon's team found that the other party did not fully comply with the rules to cooperate with the lawyer to deal with the problem, and did not follow the obligation to solve the problem. Sometimes, Amazon will ignore the complaint of the other party and listen to the lawyer's point of view to restore the seller's account.

the fourth step:
If the account cannot be restored, we will appeal to Amazon’s senior teams such as Jeff Bezos and Kubicki. The appeal letter will state that we are appealing in accordance with Amazon's rules, but the low-level team did not carefully review the appeal letter. It is hoped that the senior team can re-do a comprehensive review and decision-making for our customers.
Jeff/Kubicki review → restore account

the fifth step:
Under normal circumstances, most cases will be restored to the Amazon senior team. Assuming that it has not passed or is under review, Amazon Seller Law Firm will directly appeal to the case with Amazon’s official team of attorneys in Seattle. The responsibilities and authority of the Amazon lawyer team are great, and they can ask all teams to review account issues. At this time, Amazon lawyers and Amazon seller lawyers can play a game with the legal knowledge channel.
Finally, if the seller really infringes and the brand refuses to withdraw the lawsuit, Amazon lawyers also refuse to restore the seller’s account and freeze the seller’s funds. If this process causes great losses to the seller, the Amazon seller law firm can use “arbitration”. Recover accounts and frozen funds and other losses from Amazon.
If the seller is banned due to account linking, it is possible to retrieve the account by appealing to regain the right to sell. Of course, the appeal opportunity is not available to every account, but if you see that there is an appeal opportunity after the account is closed, you must let it go. In the appeal email, the Amazon seller needs to provide proof, such as product, logistics, supplier and other information , To prove yourself...
In short, Amazon is a very rule-heavy platform, and the reasons for account closure are varied. Amazon sellers need to be cautious in their daily operations. If an account is accidentally blocked, it should first take active measures to appeal. Of course, the complaint can only be re-registered or abandoned Amazon.
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