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What bluetooth headset is good? Three things to note before buying

2021-02-27 466
Bluetooth headsets are now gradually replacing wired headsets, and the number of people who use them has grown rapidly. In order to let more people choose not to tangled up when choosing, and to buy them without regretting, the editor today counted a few points for everyone to pay attention to.

First: Cheap but not good

Many Bluetooth headsets on the market have extremely lethal prices. You can buy a Bluetooth headset for 30 yuan or 50 yuan. In fact, everyone knows that Bluetooth headsets at this price are all counterfeit goods. Here I will give you a popular science. The Bluetooth headsets of dozens of dollars and hundreds of dollars don’t have much technical research and development capabilities. Most of them are small factories with a dozen or dozens of people. In order to make quick money in a price war, whatever means will be used. use.

What bluetooth headset is good? Three things to note before buying

Second: It is best to choose a Bluetooth headset suitable for your mobile phone
At present, many major mobile phone manufacturers will launch their various mobile phone accessories, including Bluetooth headsets. However, there are some differences between Apple and Android mobile phone systems, and some of them do not give the best results. For example, Apple’s AirPods headsets can only be connected faster and more convenient to use on their own mobile phones. In the same way, APT-X's Bluetooth headsets are not effective on Apple phones.

third. To run normally
After buying the headset, be sure to turn on the Bluetooth headset and connect it to the phone. The main call is to test the call, including the quality of the call, whether it is easy to answer and hang up, and whether the volume adjustment is sensitive. Among them, the stereo Bluetooth headset is connected to the phone and you are listening to music. Check whether the playback, pause, and skipping are normal, and how the entire connection is running. Check carefully.
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