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9 reasons to tell you the necessity of wireless Bluetooth headsets

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The necessity of wireless Bluetooth headsets There are three main types of Bluetooth headsets on the market: communication Bluetooth headsets, music Bluetooth headsets, and sports Bluetooth headsets. The little thing that hangs on the ears is the communication Bluetooth headset, which is mainly used for making calls; the music Bluetooth headset is mostly head-mounted, while the sports Bluetooth headset is mostly ear-hook, moisture-proof and sweat-proof, suitable for Used for running and fitness. These Bluetooth headsets are also very common in our lives.

Some friends who have not used Bluetooth headsets before and who don’t know much about Bluetooth headsets think it is superfluous. The author thinks that this view is somewhat biased; we do not rule out the copycats of some unscrupulous manufacturers and the shortcomings of these headset products, but they are competing In such a fierce headset market, those manufacturers who don't care about making products have already closed their doors; therefore, the current Bluetooth headset industry is still in a relatively benign development stage.
With the promulgation of the 2014 new traffic law, Bluetooth headsets can be said to have become popular overnight (2 points deducted for answering mobile phones while driving); moreover, many media and netizens ridicule the strict traffic laws and Bluetooth headsets are on fire; and Bluetooth headsets In recent years, overall sales have also shown a slow and steady upward trend, which shows that Bluetooth headsets are getting closer and closer to our lives. Of course, Bluetooth headsets can not only help you make and receive calls while driving, it also has many practical functions that you don't pay much attention to at ordinary times; then today I will talk to you about the necessity of Bluetooth headsets in our lives.

2 Necessities in daily life
1. Reduce mobile phone radiation:
As a worker in the audio industry, the author is also a user who has used Bluetooth headsets for many years; taking communication Bluetooth headsets for example, it can bring me many benefits. We all know that mobile phones have radiation. This radiation is certainly not a good thing for the brain. Let’s not study how many brain cells it can kill; just holding the mobile phone for 10 minutes is enough to make your arm sore. The ears are also very uncomfortable; I believe everyone has experienced this kind of feeling. The Bluetooth headset solves this problem very well. It can keep my brain away from the radiation of the mobile phone, and no longer have to hold the mobile phone to make a call, the waist is not sore and the back hurts, and it also reduces the risk of the mobile phone falling.
Mobile phone radiation hazards
Bluetooth headset can effectively reduce radiation

2. Guarantee personal safety:
In the beginning, we said that with the introduction of the new traffic law, two points will be recorded for making and using mobile phones while driving; in fact, the deduction is not the main purpose of relevant departments, but to remind drivers to drive safely; and Bluetooth headsets are used in new traffic. The law became extremely popular after its introduction, and most of the people who bought it were car owners. The author’s personal experience is that after using the Bluetooth headset, I no longer need to hold the steering wheel with one hand to make calls when driving. The concentration will be more concentrated and the car will naturally be more stable. Of course, I don’t have to worry about being deducted points.
The introduction of the new traffic law makes Bluetooth headsets hot

Convenient to make and receive calls, so you can drive more safely

9 reasons to tell you the necessity of wireless Bluetooth headsets

3. Release your hands:
In addition to driving, I often wear bluetooth headsets in my daily life and work. In fact, the current bluetooth headsets have done a good job in terms of comfort. The soft silicone earplugs make my ears no longer sore; because I am usually at home I am accustomed to throwing my mobile phone everywhere, so when I go to the bathroom, do housework, play on the computer and occasionally cook, I will wear a Bluetooth headset, because it can free my hands and will not miss any calls (especially my wife Phone, you know). In my daily work, I sometimes wear Bluetooth headsets, so I can make and receive calls while doing the work at hand, without delay.
Can be used in daily work
Can be used in daily life

Section: Bluetooth headset has a wide range of uses in daily life and work, and it can also bring you more convenience.

3 Necessity for leisure and entertainment
4. Voice chat artifact:
Wechat on mobile phones can be said to be too popular now. Every day we have to scan the circle of friends to see new things, communicate and chat with relatives and friends, and many people use Wechat for communication at work. Wechat has a very important aspect. I believe that every user has used the voice function; the traditional way of using it requires us to speak into the microphone of the mobile phone. Repeating this operation is really troublesome; the Bluetooth headset solves this problem well, and I don’t use it every time I send a voice. Talking to the microphone with your mobile phone can be easily done through the Bluetooth headset; therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Bluetooth headset is a WeChat chat artifact, what do you think?
Traditional voice calls are very inconvenient
Bluetooth headsets can make your voice chat easier

5. Mobile phone karaoke essentials:
The author has been playing a mobile phone K song app called "Sing Bar" recently. I have to say that this little software is really fun. There are tons of songs to sing, and you can also share them, so that I love to sing. Diaosi can't put it down. And the Bluetooth headset comes in handy at this time, it is very convenient to sing when you want to sing with the headset. Some friends may ask why not use mobile phone headsets? Of course, I have used it, but holding the remote control by hand for a long time will be very tiring, and if the distance is not well controlled, the human voice will fluctuate or even break. Bluetooth headsets will not have such problems.
K song software on mobile phones is very popular now
Bluetooth headset makes it easier for you to play mobile K song software

6. Cheap price:
When it comes to price, the advantages of Bluetooth headsets are even more obvious. From the top 50 best-selling Bluetooth headsets on Tmall Mall (HOT Bluetooth headsets), it can be seen that the top ten products are sold at prices ranging from dozens to dozens. Between one and two hundred yuan, there are many merchants with a monthly transaction volume of tens of thousands; this shows that the demand for Bluetooth headsets is still high. In the traditional earphone market, can earphones bought for one or two hundred yuan be able to listen? I believe the friends who have used it must be very clear in their hearts. However, a Bluetooth headset of one or two hundred yuan can meet your needs in many aspects.
The most popular Bluetooth headsets on Tmall are very cheap (HOT Bluetooth headset hot list)
Section: Today's Bluetooth headsets can be used perfectly with smartphones to meet the needs of users for leisure and entertainment in terms of voice, and the price of Bluetooth headsets is more affordable.

7. Unfettered:
I have to squeeze the subway for an hour every day when I commute to and from get off work, and it’s in the morning/evening rush hour. I used to use wired earphones to listen to songs on the road; however, when I get in and out of the car, the earphone cable is always caught by the crowd Ear pain is a trivial matter, the earphones can’t help being so tugged; therefore, you must be very careful every time you wear wired earphones to squeeze the subway. But since I changed the Bluetooth headset, I have never encountered this kind of problem (because it doesn’t need wires). It makes me more confident and easier to use my fists when squeezing the subway. This is what the wireless Bluetooth headset brings to me. The most intimate feeling.
The crowded subway in the morning and evening rush hour
Using wired headphones in the subway is a tragedy

8. Be more relaxed during exercise:
Everyone should not be unfamiliar with sports Bluetooth. As people's awareness of health increases, more and more young people go to the outdoors or gyms to run and exercise; and sports Bluetooth headsets are tailor-made for this type of people; most of them use The ear-hook design makes it comfortable and firm to wear; it supports music playback and hands-free calling; it allows you to listen to music while exercising without missing a call. In addition, the sound quality of current sports Bluetooth headsets has also been significantly improved. High-end sports Bluetooth headsets such as Beats Powerbeats2, Jabra Sport Pulse, and Denon AH-C300 have excellent sound quality, allowing you to enjoy wonderful music while exercising.
Sports Bluetooth headset has become a new fashion
Sports bluetooth headset leading the fashion trend

9. Force the grid to be high:
For trendy men and women who are in pursuit of fashion, headphones are already an indispensable equipment when they go out of the street; such users often don’t care how good the sound quality of the headphones is, but only care about the brand’s popularity and appearance, that is, As the saying goes, rich and self-willed; like traditional earphones, there are many styles of Bluetooth earphones, keeping up with current trends; whether it is communication, music or sports Bluetooth earphones, there are many big brands and fashionable and cool products; It can definitely satisfy your pursuit of fashion, personality and taste.
Trendy people also love Bluetooth headsets
One more decoration when taking selfies!
Section: Whether it's squeezing the subway to and from get off work, exercising or pursuing fashion trends, Bluetooth headsets have a wide range of applications in these areas, and they have also been recognized by the vast majority of users.

Written at the end:
In fact, Bluetooth headsets have been integrated into our daily life and work. At the same time, it also brings us a lot of convenience, allowing us to get rid of the shackles of wired and free hands to do more things; of course, some Bluetooth headsets still need to be improved in terms of workmanship, control, signal transmission stability and sound quality, but we cannot deny its value because of these; after all, most users recognize Bluetooth headsets, and what we have explained with facts today is also It shows that Bluetooth headsets are naturally necessary for its existence; in the future, we also expect that Bluetooth headsets can bring us a better experience and make our lives more convenient.
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