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Amazon FBA operation process

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Amazon has two shipping methods, one is fba and the other is fbm. Fba is the logistics and distribution method recommended by Amazon. Products delivered by fba are usually more trusted and favored by buyers, so the weight of listing is relatively higher. This article focuses on describing the Amazon fba shipping operation process.

1. Apply to register for an Amazon-FBA account.
Find the Amazon service page, click "Fulfillment by Amazon", fill in the company name on the page that automatically pops up, and remember to check the agreement to Amazon's relevant provisions and agreements, and finally select the FBA service to successfully register.

2. Choose FBA products.
amazonFBA shipping page On the "Inventory" web page, check the products to be shipped to the Amazon warehouse and select "Change Fulfillment by Amazon". This selected product will be successfully converted to FBA Inventory.
It must be noted in the amazonFBA shipping operation process that when we convert the product from the seller’s self-delivery to Amazon’s delivery, the seller’s product listings are invisible to customers until amazon receives the goods for release. If the seller wants to let customers see your product during this period, and the seller still has stock in the country, it can be converted from FBAInventory at that time. In the process of transferring back, it is still necessary to set the total domestic inventory of the product. However, when some sellers still haven't converted back to listings in the inventory page, they use the product SKU to manage the search in the background, and it will usually be searched out. At this time, the seller can set the domestic inventory.

3. Actual operation FBA shipping steps (Send/ReplenishInventory).
The first step is Set Quantity, then enter the total number of products shipped under unit. If the product packaging specifications were not entered in the previous product submission, the seller must also fill in the product packaging specifications here. There are two types of PackingType: Individual products and Casepacked products. Individual products are mixed, that is, different products are mixed and loaded. Casepacked products are the same products and the same SKU in one box.

The second step is Prepare Products. This step is unnecessary.

The third step is LabelProducts. Here you must pay attention to the background management to allow the seller to choose whether to label Amazon or the seller himself. Of course, it is more cost-effective for buyers to sell their own labels, because Amazon charges a fee for labeling sellers. If you choose the seller to affix the label, select "Merchant" under "wholabels", and select the sticker copy logo of the relative specification and model.

Amazon FBA operation process

The fourth step is Review Shipments, where you can see which warehouse amazon assigns the seller's products for storage. Each Shipment name means each warehouse, and you can see how many products the seller stores in that warehouse. The seller must click "Work on shipment" to perform the actual operation again.

The fifth step is Prepare Shipment. In the shipping service, there are shipping method and shipping carrier for sellers to choose. Generally, sellers choose small parcel delivery (SPD) if the net weight of the shipment is about 60 kg. In addition, even if the seller chooses UPS to ship under the shipping carrier, I still recommend the seller to choose other carrier and select "other" in the drop-down list. Shipping Labels is the outer packaging mark of the box, then this must be printed out and pasted on the outer packaging when the packaging is in progress.

The sixth step is summary. Fill in the logistics tracking number, and when the seller's tracking number is received, it will be marked as shipped.

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