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How to refund after eBay seller cancels transaction?

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We know that in cross-border e-commerce platforms, transactions are often cancelled due to product issues or other disputes. So how does the seller refund after canceling the transaction? Under normal circumstances, sellers make the same refund based on the buyer's payment account. But this must be negotiated with the buyer in advance to choose the most appropriate refund method.

eBay sellers need to go through three steps to make a refund:

First, contact the buyer. According to the sales record in My eBay, first find the transaction order, and then find the buyer’s specific information, including the buyer’s phone number and shipping address. Fill in the relevant information in the item to be refunded.

How to refund after eBay seller cancels transaction?

Then proceed to the second step to refund the money. Under normal circumstances, sellers need to use PayPal for refund operations. The first is to log in to the seller’s account from the homepage, and then find the goods to be refunded. Find the product details, select the refund payment in the transaction details, and then follow the instructions step by step to complete the refund. Of course, this refund method is only valid within two months after the end of the transaction. If it has been more than two months, then directly select the payment in the PayPal account, fill in the information and follow the prompts to refund directly.

There is also a situation where the seller changes his mind and does not want to sell a certain item, so how to cancel the transaction order?

Of course this score situation. If the goods have indeed been sold, complete the transaction. But the seller wants to cancel the transaction. Of course, this can only be discussed with the buyer. At the same time, you need to go to the eBay Mediation Center to explain the situation. Contact the buyer through the platform and explain the specific reason for this problem, hoping to get the cooperation of the buyer.

If the buyer agrees, the filing on the platform can be automatically cancelled, and the seller will receive a refund of the transaction fee from the platform in about a week. Of course, the second situation may also be the most common situation. If the buyer does not agree to cancel, the seller must complete the follow-up process of the transaction in accordance with the regulations. If it is not completed, it will violate the sales policy of the platform, resulting in The seller's subsequent sales will be restricted.
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