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The use of wireless lavalier microphones on the stage of opera performance

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With the rapid development trend of technological progress, the continuous development trend of wireless microphone production technology has produced a lot of convenience for the opera performers. In the case of specific performances, they are not easy to be constrained by the previous wired microphones, and they can give full play to their wishes. Under normal circumstances, performers are very easy to be constrained by factors such as hair accessories and painting makeup, and often use wireless lavalier microphones, which are very secretive and are favored and loved by most opera performers. Therefore, it is of practical significance to improve the scientific research of the wireless lavalier microphone in the stage of opera performance.

1. Preparation in advance before the opera performance
1. Check the microphone

If the electrode connecting wire between the FM transmitter and the wireless lavalier microphone is used for a long time, it is easy to cause a breakage. Such a situation cannot be seen on the surface. As everyone knows, it will cause the audio data signal to be intermittent, and even will continue to appear silent, which has a negative impact on the expected effect of the speaker. Therefore, before the opera performance, the wireless microphone must be inspected. After it is clear that the data signal is not received incorrectly, the safe channel of the matching microphone of the mixing console must be opened. In addition, in the case of checking whether the electrode connection line is broken, the right hand must hold the microphone head, while the left hand puts the electrode connection line into the socket of the FM transmitter at the bottom end, if it is in the mobile phone headset There was a crackling noise, indicating that there was a crack in the electrode connection line, and it was necessary to carry out the disassembly and replacement immediately.

The use of wireless lavalier microphones on the stage of opera performance

2. Serial number
The sound engineer must integrate the characters of the characters in the opera to carry out the serial numbers of the wireless microphones, and carry out the serial numbers according to the relative characters played by the performers, so as to avoid errors and omissions due to the temporary replacement of the performers. The microphone safety channel of the mixer and its receiver must be assigned a serial number so that it can be accurately controlled. The serial number system is made into a relative report, and compared with the performance stage supervision, so that the performers can proceed in an orderly manner when they are on stage and ending. Performers try not to use a microphone with other personnel. In the case of specific performances, if the microphones are often replaced, it will cause the performers to experience psychological pressure and work pressure. Under such conditions, it is particularly important for the performers to develop good habits. The wireless microphone must be quickly connected or turned off during the appearance and ending. Only in that way can the specific service life of the rechargeable battery be reasonably increased to prevent some level of influence on the microphone.
3. Adjust
In order to better enable wireless microphones to show more ideal results and eliminate the relatively depressive noise in the whole process of the performance, it is necessary to do a good job of relative resolution. Relevant personnel must wear microphones to imitate the specific parts of the performers carrying out thematic activities on the performance stage, and walk back and forth in the performance stage. After adjusting each microphone, all microphones must be turned on. . If there is an impact situation, you must apply a standby method one by one to find out the interference signal.

2. Appropriate wearing of wireless lavalier microphone
The wireless lavalier microphone must be clamped on the front face of the performer's clothes, which is equivalent to the second button of the shirt, and the top part of the microphone must be immediately tilted to the inside of the oral cavity. Due to the significant difference in the costumes of operas, it is difficult to get a relative sound if the microphone head is opened up and aligned. Under such conditions, compensation must be carried out in the relevant safe channels of the mixer to compensate for the sound condition and increase its audio frequency reasonably. Avoid friction between the clothing and the microphone head, which will produce a "sizzle" sound. In the case of outdoor performances, the microphone head must also be placed in a relative wind shield. To ensure that the performers fully present the beauty of the character models in the opera, their FM transmitters must be immediately hidden in the performers’ costumes. For example, the abdomen and the base of the thigh. The specific parts are mainly based on the differences between the characters and costumes in the opera, and it is reasonable to ensure that the FM transmitter is not squeezed and touched, so that it is not easy to cause harm to the performance of the performers, and it can be used for flexible applications .
3. Common problems of wireless lavalier microphone control
The sound engineer is the person who masters and grasps the storyline of the opera. They are very familiar with the specific sequence of appearance of the characters in the opera. The wireless lavalier microphone should be turned off immediately after the performer’s finale, to prevent the background management from causing noise due to the performer’s forgetting to turn off the microphone, which would harm the overall performance quality and its specific results.
In the case that the performers do not sing or do not sing, they are likely to carry out posture performances on a large scale. At this time, they should also turn off their microphones to prevent the noise from turning, jumping, and hitting from being exaggerated, causing the noise to look very uneven.
Fourth, the maintenance of the wireless lavalier microphone
In the case of performing performances using wireless microphones, opera performers shall take care of their waterproofing and maintenance work. After the performance, put the microphone into the main box machine equipment equipped with silicon pellets to avoid the request timeout situation and prevent the microphone's dexterity from continuously decreasing, causing its frequency to drift.
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