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2021, cross-border operation platform planning? Talking about the pros and cons of Shopify, Amazon, and Alibaba.

2021-02-26 529
Platform planning:
In 2021, I think the three most worthy cross-border e-commerce platforms are Shopify, followed by Amazon, and finally Alibaba International Station.
I believe that everyone has different choices in mind. Let me listen to my analysis. As the most popular Saas website building platform in the e-commerce circle, Shopify has been very complete in terms of platform operation, marketing promotion, payment/logistics, etc., and it is suitable for powerful stations. The APP library allows cross-border partners to do well in SEO and SEM. Of course, the most attractive part of an independent website is that I think two points are enough to attract everyone. 1. Private traffic domains. Compared with Amazon, we can use various This kind of marketing means to get the detailed information of customers, which is especially important for our customers to accumulate, re-market, improve LTV (customer life cycle value) and so on.

2. The handling fee is still compared with mainstream e-commerce platforms. 3% is very conscientious. In addition to the miscellaneous third-party collection fees, 5%-10% basically stops, which leaves us with a lot of profit margins.
Of course, this is not to say that Shopify must be the only choice on the cross-border road, because any platform is not perfect. The challenge of Shopify is that, first, compared to other website building platforms, Shopify uses a very different editing language from wordpress. It is a challenge for many domestic partners, and there are not as many optimizations as wordpress. Basically, you can simply modify the language, modify a picture, add alt-text, meta text, or fill in the preview description, but that's it. There are technical threshold limits for website opening speed optimization, keyword optimization, etc.

2. Marketing channels and ROI monitoring. Everyone knows that multiple-choice questions are the most difficult. The same applies to Shopify marketing channels. You can choose google ads, Google ads, and search, display, video, shopping and other campaigns. Optionally, you can also use social media ads, facebook ads, pinterest, and of course the hottest tik-tok. For operators, it takes a long time for managers and financial resources to conduct product testing and advertising ROI monitoring.

In summary, Shopify is definitely your best choice for merchants who want to rely on the brand to go overseas. Although the build cycle is long, the return output in the later period is considerable. You must put it in your checklist in 2021.

2021, cross-border operation platform planning? Talking about the pros and cons of Shopify, Amazon, and Alibaba.

Let’s talk about Amazon and put him in the second recommendation. I know that many Amazon sellers will spur me, haha, accept different opinions, welcome to leave a message in the comment area, I don’t think it is too cumbersome, starting from my personal operating experience, completely One sentence representing my personal opinion is-the first choice for selling goods, as long as the selection of products is ok, you can prepare FBA, I think you have met the food and clothing conditions, and the rest is how to finely operate and plan. Regardless of the size of the seller, you will never enter Amazon. In the evening, although the Internet is full of voices of cutting leeks, I always believe that opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Here are a few suggestions for you. 1. Focus on building verticals, and stop thinking about distribution thinking and FBM. , Give it up, that is a way of no return, although I admit that there are good ones, but a few do not represent the whole 2. Focus on brand building, it is really not much to spend 3,000 yuan to register an American brand or European brand, but in Amazon platform can get reports far more than 3,000 yuan, because the cycle is as long as six months to one year, so sellers who have not yet entered the game should prepare in advance. 3. Ads inside/outside the station are walking on two legs. I won’t say much inside the station. Tutorials are everywhere. Outside the station, pay attention to Google ads drainage. The most basic is the best. Use search ads well, with attractive discounts. , Your store traffic will not be bad, provided that you have an Amazon brand flagship store, this should be paid attention to.

Finally, let’s talk about Alibaba. Half and half of cross-border sellers who love him and hate him have a lot of slots and a lot of online, but here we will talk about the highlights and why he is a necessary part of the cross-border e-commerce road. 1 In terms of the nature of the platform, because there are many B-end customers, this is not only an OEM order for many factory-type enterprises, but also passive product trends and product upgrades. 2. Data analysis. Anyone who has used Alibaba should know the advantages of this section. If you spend 100,000 to buy big data, you open an Alibaba platform. There are all here. White papers, big data selections, countries Interpretation of trends, interpretation of customer portraits, I believe that the little friends who have used it should have resonance at this time.

In summary, as long as the financial resources are not tight, the combination of these three platforms is the best standard for cross-border e-commerce at present. There are sales, brands, data guidance and direction planning. What do you think? Welcome friends to leave a message and discuss.
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