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What are the characteristics of professional audio?

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The acoustic characteristics of professional audio must not only meet the requirements of the national standards of acoustic characteristics, but also the requirements of subjective listening, because the acoustic characteristics cannot fully reflect the actual sound effect, and the quality of the sound is ultimately determined by the subjective listening feeling of the human audio It is decided that in the acoustic design, the electro-acoustic and acoustic design should be well coordinated to meet the following subjective listening requirements: appropriate loudness.

Loudness is the perception of actual listening intensity, which is directly related to the maximum sound pressure level index of the sound reinforcement system. For performances, only enough loudness can be achieved in order to fully express the sound effect. The output power of the system and the placement of the speakers will directly determine the loudness status of the listening area: high definition.

What are the characteristics of professional audio?

When used as a speech, the clarity of the language must be ensured. If people cannot hear the speaker's language clearly, it will affect the effect of the speech. Therefore, in the design of the electro-acoustic system, we must fully consider the improvement of language clarity: sufficient fullness.
The performance effect with good fullness can make the vocals full and thick, and the music is melodious and active. In the electro-acoustic system, only through the use of audio peripheral equipment to effectively process the sound signal and the reasonable selection of speakers, the fullness of the sound can meet the requirements.
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