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Why do so many people choose headphones!

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In this society of emotional consumption, the way of "cool" consumption has slowly transformed into scene-based consumption that values quality! The improvement of the quality of living materials involves every age stage, especially the post-95s. They know how to consume properly, which is mainly reflected in the purchase of products. They value the sense of ritual after cost-effective. For example, in the choice of headphones, they will prefer to buy headphones with good sound effects and better experience. Compared with TWS headphones, high-sound-field headphones are more selected.

So what are the advantages of headphones?

 1. There is a lot of space for placing components inside the headset. We can't say that the in-ear small moving coil does not control the sound quality, but we can say that the larger space of the headset can handle and place more components. Devices, the noise reduction and sound field processing must be better controlled.

2. The appearance design of the headset is more flexible, and it is easier to control the human-computer interaction when it is carried on the head. The shape of big earmuffs can reduce the interference caused by environmental sound.

Why do so many people choose headphones!

3. Good sound effect, good sound field, sufficient power, and more function options.

Fourth, listen to the music and have more sense of ritual to satisfy most consumers' desire for contentment.
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