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What is the difference between eBay and amazon? how to choose?

2021-01-29 605
At present, most cross-border e-commerce companies in my country choose Amazon and eBay. What is the difference between these two platforms and how to choose? Today, the editor will tell you about this topic. If you are interested, let’s take a look!

These two platforms have their own characteristics: eBay has stricter regulations on merchants and higher requirements on product quality, but it also fights for prices, that is, high product quality and price advantages; in these two platforms, Of course, Amazon is more demanding for businesses. It is product-driven, that is, product quality must have advantages and a brand. If you don't have a brand, it is best not to be Amazon. “At this stage, Amazon’s entry threshold is the highest, but it is also the most profitable. Different groups of people are suitable for different platforms. “It is related to the company, industry, and product. The single-category product supply chain is very complete and has a very competitive advantage.

What is the difference between eBay and amazon? how to choose?

The editor suggested that factories can do eBay, but the threshold is higher because the market and customer groups are different. eBay is a mature market, with higher quality requirements, and the standards are more customer-oriented. Products and services, including freight logistics, if they are not done well, there will be problems. "Good products are not enough. Other capabilities, such as localization services. Amazon, quality and products are guaranteed. You must have a brand to keep others out. Small trading companies have little chance. Amazon is the most serious about branding, so it’s best To create a brand."

The platform rules are different, the strategy is also different, so try not to choose two platforms together, but concentrate on one platform. When choosing a platform, you must see yourself clearly and choose the right location. Moreover, the same product and the same brand are unlikely to do well on both platforms. What is done well on one platform may not necessarily be done well on other platforms. Therefore, the editor recommends branding, platforming, and repricing. To show different advantages on different platforms must conform to the main characteristics of the platform. On the other hand, different regions have to choose different platforms. Even in the same area, there will be different levels and different audiences.
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