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Amazon launched a crowdfunding model, each site policy update...hot spot of the week

2021-02-25 430
1. Amazon Japan launches new logistics functions, which can shorten transportation time
Amazon Japan has now launched the "nearby area delivery" function, and the delivery speed through the nearest warehouse in the buyer's area is often faster than domestic delivery. The "Distribution to Nearest Area" function allows sellers to shorten the shipping time for domestic standard delivery orders. After the new feature is launched, for buyers whose default delivery address is in the same area as the location of the seller’s warehouse, sellers can choose a faster shipping time in the delivery template.

2. Amazon Europe will increase the maximum size and weight standards of FBA products
A few days ago, Amazon announced that from April 1, 2021, it will raise the maximum size and weight standards of FBA products on Amazon's UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain sites. This will allow sellers to use FBA to complete single-box orders for domestic customers whose product dimensions are length> 175 cm, weight> 31.5 kg, and width> 360 cm.

3. Amazon Europe cuts commissions for bicycle accessories sales
Amazon recently issued an announcement stating that Amazon Europe has created a new category of "bicycle accessories" and reduced the commission for bicycle accessories sales. Starting from April 1, 2021, sales commissions for all Amazon stores in the UK and Europe will be reduced from 15% of the previous total sales to 8%. The total sale price is the price paid by the buyer, including the price of the goods and any shipping or gift wrapping fees. However, the 2% digital service tax in the UK and the 3% digital service tax in France, Italy and Spain are not included.

4. Amazon launched a new plan to help raise money for new products to start
Recently, Amazon announced that a major new plan has officially begun. This new plan called "Build It" will allow consumers to pay in advance to support their favorite products, and Amazon will manufacture and ship them when the target amount is reached.
The gameplay is similar to crowdfunding, because you do not need to stock up in advance to test the market reaction. This model is very suitable for small sellers who have good ideas but not enough funds to start. And the crowdfunding plan launched by Amazon this time has only three products. .

5. Amazon's Australian market sales exceeded $1 billion
According to the latest financial documents submitted by Amazon to corporate regulators, Amazon Australia has surpassed US$1 billion in online sales three years after its launch and achieved US$1.21 billion in revenue as of December 2020. This is 2019. Twice the revenue of $562.1 million.
It is reported that existing Australian retailers have shifted to online shopping. Currently, online shopping accounts for 11% of Australia's total retail spending, compared to only 5% in 2017.

6. Amazon issued a notice of delivery delays caused by natural disasters
In view of the adverse effects of bad weather on store operations, Amazon will introduce the following new regulations to avoid adverse effects on the health of seller accounts:
1. If the seller's self-delivery order cannot be shipped on time, please consider temporarily setting the logistics list as invalid. For related settings, please refer to the "List Status" help page for vacations, holidays and other absences.
2. If the seller determines that the order cannot be shipped, it is recommended to temporarily turn off the Prime badge on the product to avoid affecting the customer experience. When the weather improves and the delivery can be made on time, then turn on the Prime badge.
3. Get in touch with the home through the buyer-seller message service and inform the buyer that the delivery of the order will be delayed due to the snowstorm.
7, Amazon changes the delivery process, self-delivery sellers must see

For seller self-fulfillment orders, when the seller confirms the shipment through the "Manage Orders" page on the Seller Center, Amazon requires the seller to add the name of the logistics provider. The specific delivery process will be changed as follows:

Starting from April 5, 2021, sellers must provide the name of the logistics provider (ie, the carrier-code field) when confirming the shipment through the bulk upload feed, API or integrator. Commonly used logistics provider names are USPS, UPS and FedEx. From May 3, 2021, Amazon will verify the logistics tracking details of all sellers' self-fulfilled orders and display warnings for invalid logistics tracking information.

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