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How to write the description of Shopee product description

2021-01-29 1026
There are many ways to drain the shrimp skin. Among them, the description of the product details is very important. The purpose is to help the product display more comprehensively and attract customers who love this product. A hot product must have a good product description!

product description

Just write at the beginning of the description

How to write the description of Shopee product description

Finally put the label

The function of the label and the title is the same. If your product is a T-shirt and the title is a summer printed t-shirt, the customer searches for a large-size t-shirt, then your product will definitely not be displayed on the first page of the customer, but your label is set #大码t Shirt, your product may appear on the first page viewed by the customer

Why add your own shop name in front of your title

The store names are all unique. If you set your store name as a label, the products that appear when customers click on this label are all of your store. This is the exclusive traffic pool on the tallest.

A short shop name may be searched for other products, so you don’t have to add your own shop name

You can design a long exclusive name tag yourself

Put up to 18 tags in each product description
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