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What are the types of Bluetooth headsets?

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Nowadays, music occupies a very important position in our lives. Does it affect our thoughts, follow the music to experience the ups and downs of life, and bring our souls
Here comes great comfort, just imagine: if there is no music in our lives, then how empty and boring we should be. So now everyone will be accurate whether they are traveling or exercising
Equipped with headphones, you can listen to music at any time on the road.
As an audio-visual equipment that transmits music, earphones play a pivotal role, but earphones are divided into various sizes and shapes, as well as various functions, which can be changed by different wearing methods.
Divided into different types, some earphones are comfortable to wear, some earphones are easy to carry, some can help you suppress environmental noise, and some can help you feel the most beautiful sound, such as in-ear
Style, head-mounted style, earplug style, all have their own characteristics, sometimes dazzling, we are faced with a variety of headphones, how to choose and understand?

In the past two years, Bluetooth headsets are really popular. They are easy to carry and do not occupy space. The headset has no wire limitation. It is the first choice for people who pursue fashion. However, there are many types of Bluetooth headsets.
Everyone is stunned. Today Xiaoke has compiled a guide for buying Bluetooth headsets for everyone, so that everyone can buy headsets according to their needs.
The most common one we usually use is the earbud wireless Bluetooth headset. The biggest feature of this headset is its compactness, high wearing comfort and easy carrying. And simple and stylish in appearance
Generous, is the first choice of many professionals. It has the advantages of most headsets on the market, such as the latest Bluetooth 5.0, and it also uses a stronger CVC voice call noise reduction
Technology brings better call quality, and now there are touch version and button version for everyone to choose.

The second is the in-ear wireless Bluetooth headset. The in-ear type is the most popular one now. Its performance is similar to the earbud type in all aspects. The most obvious difference is in wearing.
Put the front earplugs into your ears. Most of the earplugs are made of silicone. The material is soft and comfortable. It will not bring pressure to the ears. It will be more invisible when worn and the style is also better.
More unique, very suitable for young people who pursue trends.
The in-ear type is characterized by the best sound insulation, high sound analysis, and strong bass effect, but the echo will be relatively large. For example, when eating or talking, the sound will return to the eardrum.

There will be noise, but this has little effect and is mostly acceptable.

What are the types of Bluetooth headsets?

In addition to wireless Bluetooth headsets, there is also a headset around the neck, which is called a sports-specific headset, which is equipped with a detachable horn brace, which can make it more wearable.
Stable, it will not fall easily when running or other sports, and its cable and battery box will fall on the shoulders, there will be no pulling feeling of traditional earphone cables, which will give the ears extremely
The pressure is greatly reduced. There are magnets at both ends of the earphones. When not in use, it is magnetically sucked and hung on the neck. It is not afraid of falling. It is fashionable and convenient. Moreover, this earphone also effectively solves the problem.
The problem that the Bluetooth headset is easy to lose, the thick lines, and the small partners who are easy to lose things are sure to choose this one.

There is also a head-mounted bluetooth headset. Since the weather is too hot now, this headset will be heavy and stuffy, so it is not recommended for the time being. The above three Bluetooth headsets, big
You can buy it according to your own needs. Don't follow the trend blindly.
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