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Several common problems and solutions of wired conference microphones

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1. Why does the wired conference microphone sometimes have a splitting sound?
This problem is generally that there is a problem with your microphone cable, and you need to re-solder the microphone cable. Just cut off a section of the line under the Canon head of the microphone cable and reconnect it. If there is no condition, just change a microphone cable directly.

2. During the meeting, the voice of the wired conference microphone suddenly becomes low, and there is a humming sound in the speakers. What is the reason?

Check whether the network cable of the microphone cable is disconnected, and whether the plug is reliably connected to the socket, even the ground wire on the microphone socket in the machine or the ground pin of the microphone socket is disconnected, or the microphone ground wire is disconnected Or poor contact.

Several common problems and solutions of wired conference microphones

3. How to solve the problem that the conference wired microphone is too close to the speaker and there will be noise? How to operate on the tuning panel? How far away from the speaker to no noise?
The noise is high and low frequency howling. Add an equalizer between the mixer and the power amplifier to adjust the frequency of the equalizer. Pull down one by one. Pull down the control when it is found to work, and return to the original position if it does not work. Without adding an equalizer, turn the HI M and LOW knobs on the microphone to the left to see which works. Or adjust the position to avoid the position of the microphone against the position of the speaker.

4. What is the difference between a wired conference microphone and a hand-in-hand microphone?
It is a radial connection, that is, the microphone cable starts from the mixer, and if there are several microphones, put a few microphone cables to the microphone at the end. When the radial structure is in actual use, because each microphone is connected to the mixer by one wire, there are many and complicated lines around the mixer, which are easy to pull, twist, and knot, which is not easy to manage; it is also difficult to manage after failures. Relatively troublesome. The advantage of the traditional conference system is that the failure of one microphone does not affect the use of other microphones. Hand-in-hand conference system: It adopts the method of microphone end-to-series connection, that is, after the first microphone is connected to the conference host, a wire is drawn from the first microphone to the second microphone, and then one is drawn from the second microphone The line is connected to the third microphone, and dozens of them are connected in series, hence the name Hand in Hand Conference System; all microphones are powered by phantom power.
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