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What is the first product on Amazon that has a million reviews?

2021-02-23 460
Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker (Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker) became the first product to win millions of reviews on Amazon. Since the end of 2019, Amazon launched the "one-tap" function, which allows consumers to skip reviews Only star reviews are written, and the number of reviews of platform products has grown explosively. At present, the number of new reviews of Echo Dot smart speakers has reached 100,000 per month, but the sum of reviews in the three years of product launch has not exceeded this number. This policy changes the rules of the game and may encourage the suppression of new products by the existing products on the platform.

Bezos's letter to the outgoing CEO stated that the "one-click comment" function is Amazon's forward-looking innovation. Some people said that the reviews in the early years were genuine feedback from consumers and were of reference. However, with the expansion of Amazon’s territory, sellers did not hesitate to break into the “gray area” to produce positive reviews, and Amazon also took countermeasures against false reviews. delete. So far, the idea that comments can replace brands has fallen.

What is the first product on Amazon that has a million reviews?

No matter how Amazon cracks down on false reviews, consumers' views are inherently subjective and easily manipulated. Amazon set out to solve this problem with dosage. Product reviews are a signal to attract consumers to buy. Even if there are some false content, this new regulation can indeed bring a lot of real reviews.

At present, consumers who rarely use the "exclusion method" to shop, that is, look for negative reviews in the reviews to insert negative shopping elements, and pay more attention to the number of reviews and ratings to decide whether to place an order. Only 5,000 of Echo Dot's one-star ratings of more than 10,000 have been reviewed, so even if consumers want to find bad reviews, they will only see 1/3 of complaints and suggestions.

If the new regulations are effective, then products with millions of ratings will not easily "dogs".

It is difficult to estimate the impact of ratings on consumers based on the order of magnitude, and then divide them into three, six, nine levels. If the brand is the halo of physical retail, then the halo of Amazon products is definitely a review, and more intuitively, product ranking. Ratings and reviews are the appearance and reputation. Consumers who "judge people by appearance" are naturally more willing to try products that have a good sense of body and are endorsed by predecessors.
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