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What is the difference between monitor headphones and ordinary headphones

2021-02-22 474
After working on this planet for decades, I only now understand the advantages of studio monitor headphones and the reasons why they are different from ordinary (consumer) choices.

To save your time, the answer is divided into three parts in order of importance:
Accurately represent the source audio
Very wide frequency range
High-quality sound

Below is more information on each aspect.

Accurately represent the source audio
Monitor headphones are mainly used by professionals who need to accurately understand their sound when creating audio.
Therefore, they cannot get any help from speakers or headphones.
You will not judge the sound by listening to it being automatically tuned.
Beats headphones are known for having super bass. Many consumers love it, but audiophiles hate it.
Most headphones produce distortion-modify the audio in some way they think makes the sound better.

Therefore, this is the most important aspect of monitor headphones: accurate reproduction.

What is the difference between monitor headphones and ordinary headphones

Frequency Range
Due to the limited range of ordinary headphones, they may not be able to detect bad conditions that occur at extremely high or low frequencies. These sounds can be heard by human ears through the monitor earphones, and the monitor earphones will remove all garbage so that you can hear them.
Headphone quality
Although this is secondary, high-end headphones just feel more rugged and durable, and due to their superior materials and construction, they may last for five years, ten years or even longer.
My analysis
The first time I found in the new Audio-Technicas (playing the new Tool album) was a potential hiss. It was disappointing, but as I continued to listen, I heard more sounds that I had never heard before.

To me, everything sounds very clear, and according to my research, this means that my previous headphones may amplify the low-end speakers.

to sum up
Monitor headphones are suitable for people who are trying to find and repair impurities in the source audio, so they focus on being able to hear all sounds without distortion or skew.
This includes having a higher frequency range to find problems in strange places in the audio.
Ordinary headphones have a more limited range, usually biased towards the low end and the high end to provide impressive sound.
I thought that the difference would not be so important, but I knew it was wrong when I bought it. Next time you consider buying headphones (especially if you like audio), you can choose some studio quality headphones.
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