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Common classification of monitor headphones

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Monitor headphones are headphones that do not use tone rendering, as opposed to HIFI headphones. Through the monitoring headphones, you can hear the sound quality that is closest to reality without any modification. It is widely used in recording studios, dubbing studios, TV stations, radio stations, MIDI recording studios and other fields.
Classification of monitor headphones
From the point of view of usage, monitoring headphones are divided into studio monitoring, broadcast monitoring, sound reinforcement monitoring, special (special) monitoring, etc., among which recording studio monitoring is divided into simultaneous (on-site return) monitoring and reduced mixed monitoring.

Live back
Live feedback is usually to record accompaniment music, beats or musical melody of singers, performers, etc., just like singing karaoke music without the original sound. The goal is to make every singer and performer hear the rhythm and music clearly and coordinate the recording. Therefore, the requirements for such headphones are not high, but the premise is that the headphones should be closed or semi-closed, because the condenser microphone used for recording is very sensitive, and some subtle details will be picked up, including sound leakage from the headphones.

Common classification of monitor headphones

Mixing monitor
Mixing monitor is the highest requirement for earphone sound. It requires to be able to restore all sounds as true as possible, reduce the dyeing of hair as much as possible, and place the sound close to the scene. This is also the effect pursued by fever headphones. So this kind of earphone can be used as a fever earphone.

Radio monitoring
Broadcast monitoring mainly requires radio stations to monitor in real time when broadcasting programs, program hosts and guests, and directors and production directors. This kind of broadcast requires monitor headphones to have extremely high speech intelligibility and clarity, and can filter speech noise that affects intelligibility and intelligibility, such as low-frequency interference, telephone noise, etc., of course, although it is specially prepared for headphones in operation Equalizer, but the quality requirements for headphones are still high. Because the sound of these headphones is relatively dry, the speech intelligibility is relatively high.

Sound reinforcement monitoring
Headphones can have high or low requirements for sound reinforcement monitoring. Ordinary dance hall monitoring headphones, as long as you can clearly hear the music and language content being played, debug more satisfactory reverberation and voice ratios, and pre-monitor (PFL) Can be accurate

Dedicated monitoring
This kind of monitoring can be found anywhere around us, such as the paging of the paging station, the telephone operator of the telecommunications bureau, etc. They all wear closed monitoring headphones with microphones and require high and understandable language requirements. There are pilot monitoring on airplanes, dispatch monitoring of racers, command and coordination monitoring of tank personnel, submarine sonar monitoring, etc., all of which choose different dedicated headsets according to different needs.
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