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Introduction to the principle and type of microphone pickup

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The reason why we can hear different noises in the surrounding air is because there is a tiny pressure difference in the air, and the air also transmits these pressure changes to our ears. The first microphone that people made was to connect a metal diaphragm to a needle. When someone spoke to the diaphragm, the pressure difference in the air would move the diaphragm, and the diaphragm would drive the needle to move and record the sound on the foil. Conversely, when the needle returns to the foil, the scratching vibration will also move the diaphragm and produce sound.
Therefore, the microphone is a tool for picking up and recording sound. The purpose of using it is to record complete and real audio signals. In addition, the microphone can also take different pressure waves in the air and convert them into different electrical signals. Usually, this This conversion technology is divided into several types, corresponding to different types of microphones.
Dynamic and condenser are the two most common types of microphones. They have different working principles and different timbre characteristics. In addition, there are carbon microphones, fiber microphones, electret microphones and ribbon microphones, as well as laser microphones and Crystal microphones and so on.

【Dynamic Microphone】

Introduction to the principle and type of microphone pickup

Dynamic microphones are very common in daily life and stage performances. They are made using electromagnetic induction. Generally, this type of microphone has a stable structure and a strong and durable exterior. It is suitable for many occasions, such as singing and hosting. And the commonly used models for performances.

Noise reduction technology makes the sound quality more pure.
【Condenser microphone】
A thin and light diaphragm is usually built into the capsule of a condenser microphone, which makes the microphone more fragile and easy to damage than a dynamic microphone. However, it is precisely because of this diaphragm that the sensitivity of the condenser microphone is often higher, so the sound quality Also more delicate and infectious. The inside of this condenser microphone is equipped with a large diaphragm of 25mm. It has a wide range of sound pickup and has a strong perception of subtle sound waves. The most important thing is that although it is a condenser microphone, it uses a solid 3D outside. The structure ensures that the sound pickup is stable and not interfered by noise, even if it is used for studio recording. [Band microphone]
In most ribbon microphones, the thin ribbon is usually aluminum, so we also call it an aluminum ribbon microphone. It is not common in our lives. This is actually because it is more fragile than condenser microphones, but its sound is very warm, which is favored by some sound engineers. This ribbon microphone has a pure grade A discrete hand-designed pressure-differential ribbon pickup. It is a high-tech pickup microphone that can capture different sound details, the sound quality is smooth and warm, and it can restore the real room characteristic.
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