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6 microphone types

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The importance of sound to the film is undoubtedly important. A good radio method is very important, as is the choice of the right radio tool.
There are many different types of radio tools, and the microphones needed for different types of production will be different. The following will introduce the directivity of 6 different microphones.

For sounds from different angles, the sensitivity is basically the same.
Features: It can record the sound of the entire environment in all directions, but because it is omnidirectional, it will record even some undesired environmental sounds. The general lavalier microphones are omnidirectional microphones.

Recommended use: visiting, moving objects

6 microphone types

Single point
There are four types of single-pointing:
Heart-shaped pointing
Features: The general handheld microphones, the microphones you use when you go to KTV, are all cardioid. Compared with the omnidirectional type, the cardioid direction is the most sensitive in the microphone, and the other parts are relatively weak.
Recommended use: documentaries, weddings, events

High cardioid
Features: It is similar to the cardioid direction, but at the same time it can record the front and back directions. In short, it can not only record the stereo sound, but also reduce the unnecessary direction of the sound.
Suggested use: set top microphone, musical instrument collection, interview

Features: In the cardioid direction, the super-elevation cardioid can provide a certain degree of directivity and can accommodate a certain degree of error. The super-cardioid orientation is the best of the three cardioid orientations for reducing unnecessary environmental sound.
Recommended use: variety show

Gun pointing
Features: The gun-shaped direction has the narrowest range of the six radio directions, in other words the highest directivity. Its advantage is that it can record the distant sound clearly, but because the directivity is too strong, if the direction is slightly moved, it is easy to fail to receive the sound.
Suggested use: drama, can control the production of scenes

Features: It can record the front and back sounds at the same time. Generally, the induction film of the radio microphone is horizontal, but this type of microphone is placed vertically to increase the sensitivity, which is suitable for professional recording studios.
Recommended use: recording studio, radio
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