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The "28" rule of Amazon store operation and product selection

2021-02-22 658
During this period of time, when I was connecting with some factories to select products in Amazon stores, I found a problem: I like to shop! Because of the constraints of traditional business concepts, many factory owners are still unclear about the business model of e-commerce, especially the model of high-end products. In order to solve their doubts, we must not explain the logic of Amazon's selection and creation of popular products one by one. thinking.

The beginning of 2021 is a very good beginning. Therefore, I would like to use 28 rules to explain the logic of Ronghao Technology's selection.

In the past 6-7 years, we have taken over 30 Amazon projects every year, but the ones that can make a profit and continue to cooperate to the present are already in single digits. Judging from this probability, there is not even a "2".

Analyzing those Amazon stores that do better, it is not difficult to find that stores with good sales and high profits have only those 1-2 models of pillar products, generally no more than 3 models, and the other "8" models. They are all peripheral products, relying on these "2" products to bring traffic.

As for why there can only be "2" hot items in a store, there are mainly the following reasons:


The first is the operating cost of the product. The explosive products of the Amazon store are definitely not pie in the sky. They are all created through rigorous data, with appropriate advertising, evaluation and other operational methods. This will involve operating costs and energy, so an Amazon store can create "2 "A hot style is already very good!

The second is the operational risk of the store. Old Amazon sellers know that every year Amazon will do things, and many sellers' stores are inexplicably frozen or reviewed. In order to prevent the store from encountering accidents, experienced Amazon sellers adopt a multi-store operation model.

The third is the rational development of peripheral products. In most cases, our popular products are not closely related to each other, and we don’t want to waste the huge traffic brought by these popular products, so we try our best to put these popular products in different Amazon stores, so From the development of weekly products, it is more convenient to go back and forth.

Doing an e-commerce, especially an Amazon store, already has a clear operational logic. These are the problems we often encounter, and they are also the problems that the factory is more concerned about. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
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