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What are the shopee payment methods

2021-01-29 747
Currently Shopee supports three payment collection tools: Payooneer, Pingpong, and Lianlian Pay. Today, I will introduce P card collection.

1. If you have not registered Payoneer, you can register the P card in the background of the seller center.

The specific steps are as follows: Click [MY Wallet (My Wallet)]-[Register], the page will jump to the Payoneer official website, and you can apply according to the prompts.

2. If you already have a P card, just bind it in the seller center background.

The specific steps are as follows: Click [MY Wallet (My Wallet)]-[Register], select "Already Payoneer" in the upper right corner, enter the relevant information of the P card, pass the review within 1-2 days, the P card will show "Active "Normal use state.

What are the shopee payment methods

Note: The Add Bank Account at the top of the page is for local sellers, cross-border sellers do not need to add

Finally, let's take a look at the common problems of shopee collection:

First: There is no restriction on the use of p card for company or private account, as long as it is a P card account that can be used normally, if you want to change it, you can rebind it in the background.

Second: Change the p card method: directly delete the P card in the My Wallet of the Seller Center on the PC side, or the P card in the My account on the APP mobile phone, and then re-bind the new P card.

Third: Payoneer makes payment, minimum 15 dollars can make payment to the seller.

Fourth: As long as the P card is bound to the Shopee backstage and the Active status is displayed, the seller can receive the payment normally without having to bind a bank card.
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