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Classification of conventional speakers

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There are many types of conventional speakers on the market. A horn is also called a speaker, which is a transducer that converts electrical energy into acoustic signals. The performance of the speaker has a great influence on the sound quality. And different types, uses, and principles can be divided into multiple speakers.

There are many types of horns, which can be divided into electric type (ie moving coil type), electrostatic type (ie capacitive type), electromagnetic type (ie reed type), piezoelectric type (ie crystal type), etc. The latter two types are mostly used in rural areas Cable broadcasting network; they can be divided into low-frequency speakers, intermediate-frequency speakers and high-frequency speakers according to frequency range, and they are often used as sound generators for combined speakers.

(1) Low frequency speaker (woofer)

For different speakers, Q0 requirements are different. Q0 is usually the optimal value for closing and reversing the phase box, between 0.3 and 0.6. Generally speaking, the larger the aperture, magnet and voice coil diameter of the low-frequency speaker, the better the low-frequency playback performance and transient characteristics, and the higher the sensitivity. The structure of the woofer is mostly cone type, and a few are flat. There are many types of subwoofer diaphragms, such as aluminum alloy diaphragms, aluminum-magnesium alloy diaphragms, ceramic diaphragms, carbon fiber diaphragms, bulletproof cloth diaphragms, glass fiber diaphragms, acrylic diaphragms, paper diaphragms, etc. The woofer with aluminum alloy aperture and glass fiber aperture is generally smaller in diameter and larger carrying capacity, while the woofer with reinforced paper cone and glass fiber aperture, the sound is more accurate when replaying music, and the overall balance is also good. .

Classification of conventional speakers

(2) Alto speaker
Generally speaking, as long as the frequency response curve of the intermediate frequency horn is flat, the effective frequency response range is greater than the playback bandwidth that it bears in the system, and the impedance is consistent with the sensitivity and the low frequency unit. Sometimes the midrange power capacity is not enough, but the sensitivity is higher, and the impedance is higher than the midrange of the woofer, thereby reducing the actual input power of the midrange unit. There are generally two types of mid-end units: cone-shaped basin and dome. But its volume and carrying capacity are larger than the tweeter, suitable for playing mid-audio. The mid-range unit diaphragm is mainly composed of soft materials such as paper cones and silk diaphragms, and occasionally there are a small amount of alloy dome diaphragms.

(3) Tweeter
As the name suggests, the tweeter is a speaker unit used to play high-frequency sounds. Its structural forms mainly include logo solution type, cone type, dome type and aluminum belt type.
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