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Wire headset

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Wire-controlled headset refers to the headset that can control the access device on the headset line.

For example, controlling the switch function, play and stop function, volume adjustment function of the remote MP3 device, etc., have the functions of controlling the remote device on the earphone line are all wired headsets.
Wire headset

Because the device that receives the information instruction from the headset and the device that receives the information instruction have different information recognition language versions, some instructions issued by the remote control can not be recognized by the remote receiving device, and the remote control headset does not work on these remote receiving devices. .

Wire headset

There are two kinds of pulleys and buttons. Some wire-controlled headsets have special functions such as Chinese character display...

Principle of Wire Control Headphone
Regardless of the interface type (audio interface, USB interface, etc.), wire-controlled earphones are basically connected by four wires. The "common return line GND" is the common return line for the left and right channels, microphone and output control of the earphone. This principle is To be sure, it's just that manufacturers do some tricks on online extreme functions in order to monopolize their interests. For example, the plug has four electrodes from top to bottom. If the first and third electrode wires are swapped, the phenomenon is that a headset is silent and the wire control fails, and the microphone fails; if the third and fourth electrode wires are swapped, the phenomenon is Both headphones are silent. When making changes, just follow the schematic diagram and follow the wiring at the micro switch.

Principle of Wire Control Headphone
According to the schematic diagram, it is not difficult to determine the function of each electrode of the wire-controlled earphone plug: use an ohmmeter to measure, one of the electrodes is not conductive with the other three electrodes, then the electrode is the control electrode; among the remaining three electrodes If the maximum resistance is present between the two electrodes, then the two electrodes are the left and right channel lines of the earphone respectively, and the remaining electrodes are the common loop. The maximum value mentioned here is relative to the resistance between any two electrodes in the remaining three electrodes, the coil resistance of the left and right channel earphones will differ by 0.1~0.2Ω.
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