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How are headphones classified?

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1. The simplest method can be divided into head-mounted type and earplug type:
The head-wearing style is generally relatively large and has a certain weight, so it is not convenient to carry, but its expressive force is very strong, which can isolate the world and enjoy the beauty of music.
The earplug type is mainly easy to travel and listen to music because of its small size. This type of headset is mainly used for CD player, MP3 player, MD.

2. According to the principle of transducer (Transducer)
Mainly there are two types of dynamic and electrostatic headphones. Although there are several types such as magnetic type and electret type in addition to these two types, they have either been eliminated or used in the professional market. The possession is very small, so I won't discuss it here.
Moving coil earphones (also called electric type): At present, most (about 99%) earphone earplugs belong to this type. The principle is similar to ordinary speakers. The coil in the permanent magnetic field is connected to the diaphragm, and the coil is in the signal current. Drive the diaphragm to sound. Dynamic headphones are more efficient, and most of them can be driven by the headphone output on the audio.
Electrostatic earphones (also known as capacitive): The diaphragm is in a changing electric field, the diaphragm is extremely thin, accurate to a few microns (currently STAX's new generation of electrostatic earphone diaphragm is accurate to 1.35 microns), the coil is in the electric field force Drive the diaphragm to sound. The sound pressure level that an electrostatic earphone can reach is not as great as that of a dynamic earphone, but its response speed is fast, it can reproduce all kinds of tiny details, and the distortion is extremely low. Because of its precise structure, high material requirements, and manual assembly and debugging, it is expensive.

How are headphones classified?

There is also a dual-frequency headset: a dual-frequency headset is a dual-frequency headset that integrates the advantages of both electric and capacitive on the basis of a semi-open headset. It combines the advantages of electric, capacitive, closed, and open earphones into one. (This is a real "hybrid"). This kind of earphones no matter from dynamic range, transient response, sound quality, The tone thickness and so on are very outstanding, and its accurate sound analysis is the best choice for music enthusiasts.
From the perspective of usage, generally speaking, electric earphones have the characteristics of simple structure, stable sound quality, and low price. They are suitable for ordinary people to choose, and they can meet general needs; capacitive earphones have good sound quality and bandwidth, but Due to the complexity of the process, the price is relatively high, which is suitable for audiophiles to choose, and its listening quality is quite good.

3. According to the degree of openness
Mainly open, semi-open, closed (closed)
Closed earphones wrap your ears through its own soft sound pad, so that it is completely covered. This type of headset has a large sound pad, so it is also larger, but with a sound pad, it can be used in noisy environments without being affected. The earmuffs put a lot of pressure on the ears to prevent the sound from coming in and out, and the sound is correctly positioned and clear. This is more common in the field of professional monitoring. However, this type of earphone has a disadvantage of serious bass sound. W100 is an obvious example.

Open earphones are currently a more popular style of earphones. The feature of this type of model is the use of sponge-like microcellular foamed plastic to make sound-transmitting ear pads. It is small in size and comfortable to wear. It no longer uses thick sound-dyed pads, so there is no sense of isolation from the outside world, and the sound can be leaked, and vice versa, the outside sound can also be heard. If the earphone is open to a high degree, you can hear the sound from the other side unit, forming a certain mutual feed, making the listening feel natural. But its low frequency loss is large, and some people say that its low frequency is accurate. Open earphones generally have a natural sense of hearing and are comfortable to wear. They are commonly used in HIFI earphones for home appreciation.

Semi-open earphone is a new type of earphone that combines the advantages of closed and open earphones (it is a hybrid, combines the advantages of the first two earphones and improves the shortcomings). This type of earphone adopts a multi-diaphragm structure In addition to one active active diaphragm, there are also multiple passive driven diaphragms. It has many characteristics such as full and thick low-frequency description, bright and natural high-frequency description, and clear layers. This kind of earphone is widely used in many higher-end earphones.
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