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Specific design of noise reduction microphone

2021-02-21 544
Nowadays, noise reduction microphone is a very practical technology, and because of this, many reviewers now compare the noise reduction level of different mobile phones horizontally. Let's follow Boros Technology to understand the specific design of noise reduction microphone.
Specific design of noise reduction microphone


Specific design of noise reduction microphone

The location design of the noise reduction microphone of the smartphone can better reduce the environmental noise interference around the mobile phone and greatly improve the clarity of normal calls. However, everything has two sides. Although the noise reduction microphone technology can eliminate background noise to a certain extent, if there is a design problem, it will increase the cost of the mobile phone and affect the normal call of the mobile phone. For example, the distance between the main microphone and the noise reduction microphone is too close, or the parameters of the noise reduction algorithm are not adjusted properly, which may cause the volume of the mobile phone to be too low during a call. This requires the design of the noise reduction microphone position of the smartphone and the noise reduction algorithm, so that users can get a better call experience.
The reason why the noise reduction microphone is designed in the opposite direction of the microphone can be understood in principle. The principle of smartphone noise reduction microphone is simple to understand, that is, the noise reduction microphone will work at the same time as the main microphone. The noise reduction microphone on the other side will receive noise and compare the sound transmitted by the microphone that it wants to talk to. The overlapped part is the noise. Technical processing removes this part, and the voice of speech is successfully transmitted. Therefore, if the noise reduction microphone is not set in the opposite direction, but is very close to the main microphone of the mobile phone, so that both microphones receive the same content, the noise reduction microphone cannot be realized.
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